Gossip Girl Season Premiere Promo: Yes is the Word!

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"There's nothing I won't try once." - Chuck.

Thousands of miles from the Upper East Side, the first promo for the Season 5 premiere of Gossip Girl centers on the trio of characters currently in Los Angeles. Chuck and Nate stop by the City of Angels after a summer of hedonistic travels abroad, finding Serena trying to reinvent herself.

Seems like they take her advice to heart. OMG, pass the SPF, indeed!

We'd heard Chuck became something of an adrenaline junkie over the summer, but working as a stunt guy? Not what we expected. We did expect Nate hitting it with Elizabeth Hurley, though. Fist-pump.

Check out our season premiere pics for more glimpses of the first two episodes of the new season, which kicks off September 26, then hit the comments below with your thoughts on the promo!

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Absolutely stunning! I love the mix of vatgine with a hint of new. Thanks for sharing! A goal this Fall/Winter is to possibly get a coat and wear it like a top like they do in several of these photos but most especially the 4th one. :) XOXO-Rachel


urgh 1 more week of waiting i cant do this anymore WTF i'm done waiting and hoping monday night should come whenever i wanna watch gg i will >=(


I agree that the change of scenery has been good for GG. Last season was oppressively dark, we all know they're going to be back in New York soon but before that, might as well have some fun. I loved the dynamic where Serena was promoting Nate as some kind of Hollywood-It-Boy, she would be the one to know all about marketing yourself. But not another cougar! The "Duchess" was bad enough. Chuck has been tied in his father's business too much lately, it's not really a relate able story to the viewers, unless Donald Trump is watching. On the other hand, I'm apprehensive, they have yet to do a successful Chuck-Bass-by-himself storyline. I'm hoping Dan took some time to make actual friends over the summer, not people who blackmail him or steal novels. Also, his dad doesn't count. He's pining after Blair but that makes little sense after his weird, semi-courtship of Charlie/Ivy. Blair, what a train wreck of a good character. She's 20. Why is she caught up in worries that a 30 year old would shudder at? This marriage thing is dumb. I hope the producers get that soon. Just because Kate and Will's wedding was popular doesn't mean it'll translate to GG. I am glad to see the focus brought back to its core characters. Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, and Dan. Those are the interesting ones.


I'm excited. Things need to change on Gossip Girl. We want to see more fun and less crazy people. I think if they're going to film scenes in L.A., they should have Hilary Duff reprise her role of Olivia (at least for one episode). Since she's pregnant in real life, I doubt its a possibility though.


i live in australia and gossip girl season 5 doesn't come out until AT LEAST December. :( two whole months later...


My theory: the real reason Charlie/ivy wants to come back is maybe because she is the one who is preggers (remember how she stayed over at blair and serenas) and the father might be Louis, and then the news gets out so Louis and Blair end up not getting married... Just a thought. I know it doesn't sound all that realistic, but hey, it's gossip girl, it doesn't have to be!


I liked the promo, especially Nate's personality seems to be more playful and energetic this time around! I think these kids need to have fun for once in their lives, and the drama shouldn't bring them down like it did in season four.


"Can anyone tell me what Blair says before she says,"everyone there has dinner at 6" ? please i am dying to know"
She says, "Los Angeles is a plastic surgery layover, not somewhere you live" Enjoyed the promo a lot. Very exciting about Nate-Serena-Chuck in LA. Love how the friendship is shown in Gossip Girl.
And Elisabeth Hurley looks pretty)


Can anyone tell me what blair says befor she says,"everyone there has dinner at 6" ? please i am dying to know. I agree it doesnt look that great except ofcourse there's Liz Hurley as the media moghul. and yay! for those rooting for Blair and dan in NYC.

Gaby ee

This looks great! The new season seems fun, and I like the temporary change of scenery. And the song is amazing!

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