Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 278

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Welcome to the 278th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready for flex your creative muscle?

This week's Caption Contest winner is DG. Congratulations and well done!

One of many great Season 8 premiere pics certainly gave us plenty of material to work with. Honorable mentions go to synjo12, McDreamy's Susan and me. Thanks to all for playing!


Cristina: You didn't have to go all the way to Africa to adopt a baby. I could've just given you mine.

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Mer: what am I gonna do with this baby now lost my job and probably my husband?
Christina: I'm prayin for her, poor thing needs it to survive with all of you and McDreamy's issues


Christina: And that's where it stays.


I will always be there for you...


Christina: "Don't leave me with the baby!!


Christina: Who needs Derrick....we will raise this child to be a strong, intelligent woman and above all to hate those self centered, emotionally draining, follow the rule type, sad excuse for men!! Now lets get lunch!


Cristina: Mer, Zola will be your adopted daughter, eventually. Shonda just wants MerDer fans to suffer again, that's all


Cristina: What's this you're holding Mer? Meredith: A baby, Cristina. Cristina: Oh, so that's what they look like


Cristina- "Will she bite?"
Meredith- "If you don't shut up about this, I will.."


Meredith: Since Joe gave me a job in the bar, I have to work late you're babysitting,right?
Cristina: I guess so, but the tips aren't great...
Meredith: Well I'm not planning to do shots with bachelor parties and give lap dances to strangers...
Cristina: Wow, you really have grown up...


Cristina: Nice doggy...
Zola: Won't someone send me back to Africa?!!