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After a two-part premiere that featured some intense medicine, conflict and drama between the doctors, and relationship development across the board, where will Grey's Anatomy take us this week with Season 8 in full swing?

In a brief sneak peek of this Thursday's episode, Meredith asks Derek if he's heard anything from the social worker, and perhaps more significantly, what's next for the two of them. His response? Likely not what she hoped for.

Watch the clip from "Take the Lead" here and share your comments below:

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Derek made a mistake and a pregnant woman died because of it. Mer made a choice, not a mistake. And no one died because of it as the person was already dead anyway. So Derek, wtf?!? How does he not see why Mer switched the drug? She has been overburdened with her mother's wrong doings all her life! She felt responsible for her mother's mistakes - wrongfully, yet she did. Ellis screwed up so many people's lives and Mer felt she should try and pay her dues for her. That's Mer, it's who she is. She genuinely likes Adele and she has a lot of respect for Richard. It was heartbreaking for her to see the two of them finally being a husband and wife in every sense of the word only to have it all messed up with Adele's Alzheimer's. She wanted to give Richard and Adele a chance to make up for all the lost time in the past. How can Derek not understand that?! It's beyond me, really. It was professionally wrong and illegal to tamper with the trail, I agree to that, but no harm was done to anyone, so wtf?!
Derek has lost all his charm for me. And I could not agree more to those who say he's the one with commitment issues and the God complex. Get over yourself already McDreamy, you're not all that great nor flawless and stand by your woman already.


Derek's attitude is getting old. He needs to snap out of it quick and Mer has to stop trying to talk to him. I guess he will talk to her when he is ready but it may be too late for him.


Ugh. Derek is being such an ass! He should realize now that Zola is gone, that he needs Meredith.


I hope Meredith does not beg to save her marriage. I understand that Derek's anger may stem from the fact that he will no longer have the power to help Meredith should she develop Alzheimers but she's perfectly healthy at the moment and he's wasting the time they do have together being an ASS. I can't say this across the message board enough. Derek was not fired, his medical license was not in question nor revoked and he lost no respect amongst his colleagues. WHY this grudge? More importantly, WHY is no one reminding him that he's not perfect? I could sit here and list all his imperfections but all you loyal Grey's fans know them so I'll spare you. I have no patience for "angry Derek." He broke his post-it vows


Derek is so cruel:( I hate how he has changed. Well, he has always had this side with him (think about how he treated Addison sometimes), but never against Mer! I find this development really disturbing!


Der doesn't cope when people are less than perfect, he married his opposite, and the sulky behaviour will soon drive away more fans if this SL carries on the way the first two episodes did. MAybe by 8.05 things will have improved?? I can't wait as long as the November sweeps to see Der get over his angst with Mer


i started to browse for other shows and believe me Shonda you will not be missed. fans have enough with the ways you play withMerder. I think you want to end this show.And then say you see it was not my least take some responsibility in front of your actors who made a name for you .


I think deep down (very deep) Derek's anger stems from the fact that Meredith messed up something that was as important to him as Mer is and that is finding a cure for alzheimers. The bottom line is he did this trial for her sake, to save her and now it's gone and I think he's scared of the fact that he won't be able to help come the time when she has it. So I get why he's got an ass attitude. And that's the reasoning I'm going with coz he's being such an intolerable wank at the moment.


Derek is such an ass....Com'on, Meredith after all is your wife and you took an oath to be loyal for each other in your wedding remenber? Can't you just be in her shoe for a minute?? He is so from McDreamy to McEvil!!!


Derek's being such an ass about this whole thing. Undeniably what Meredith did was wrong but he needs to get over it. Like what the Chief said, when will he start protecting Meredith? It was frustrating to see the Chief do everything that he could to protect Meredith while Derek did nothing. He is losing his McDreamy status. Especially with this situation of them losing Zola. You'd think that he'd be there for Meredith but he couldn't care less. He seriously needs to get over himself.

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