Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Taking Charge

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Grey's Anatomy is back for its eighth season and certainly gave fans plenty to digest after last night's two-hour premiere. Follow these links for TV Fanatic's official reviews of "Free Fallin'" and "She's Gone."

As we look ahead to next Thursday's episode, "Take the Lead" ...

  • The Chief makes a career-changing decision that shocks Seattle Grace
  • Cristina and Owen try to find normalcy in their relationship
  • April continues to struggle in her new role as head resident
  • The 5th year residents are given their first solo surgeries

Watch the promo and share your comments/predictions below:

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I can not believe your show let chriStina have an abortion! I don't think I will be watching anymore! Good show until this!

Greys anatomy 1 fan

Derek jus (im sorry) shut up u are annoying now just stop crying about that man you know i bet if meridth leaves him he would be lookin for her if she says she is prego then say she had a histerical pregnacy then she whould be in the clear. AND i loved zola she was adorable but i want them to have one to gether I want a mcbaby not a mc adopted baby (not the same)


@ mb: you said that Derek wanted to do this trial to help his wife among many other things... Ok: why he is so mad/angry about his wife? Mer did it to save the wife's chef... And to me this IS Mer... Derek is a selfish carier man: Mer erased his glory's dreams!
Hope you'll understand: sorry my english!?!?


Makes no sense to me that Meredith would want to fool with a trial about the very disease she is worried she will inherit. I do not understand the writer's in this regard. He husband sets out to do a trial to help lead the way to a cure or assistance and she mucks with it - just doesn't sound very Meredith Grey to me. And...then running away with Zola - still doesn't sound very much like her to me. Where is the strong confident Meredith who is a doctor we know - where did she go to? That Meredith would not have messed with the trial at all. The writer's are never going to fix this one because without trust Meredith and Derek will never be able to be where they were at before. They had each other's backs and now that can not be. I also didn't feel she felt sorry for her involvement - she should be apologizing to all involved. I know everyone is on Derek's case but really I don't blame him for being upset - he wanted to do this trial to help his wife among many other things - no one should mess with medical trials - they cost lots of money and time to get grants through NIH or whereever. Whatever will happen to them now? I am very sad.


I think April and Jackson are better together as compared to Jackson and Lexie. Or maybe that's just my bias because I'm desperate for Lexie to get back together with Mark. As for Derek, I'm getting tired of him constantly lashing out on Meredith.


I have been a long time devoted greys fan but if this Meredith and Derek drama does not stop I am gunna have to find a new show. Its been a roller coaster with them for 8 seasons Derek has got to get over himself and they have to get back together and then the show has to find a new way to make it interesting...


Ummmm Dexter Idolizer.... he isn't getting into bed with her. They appear to be arguing in the bedroom. No pajamas, nothing to infer they are going to be getting into bed. That's a bit of a leap. Maybe he is just getting clothes? :)


Ok, am I the only one wondering: what is Chief Webber doing there? What's his situation?


April and Jackson are much better suited than Lexie and Jackson.
As for the promo, if Derek "has no reason to trust" Meredith, why does it appear as though he's getting into bed with her? If you can't trust her, then leave her!


After last night.....I bet JAckson takes April's virginity!!!!

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