Grey's Anatomy Giveaway: Win Seasons 1-7 on DVD!

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Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy kicks off September 22 with back-to-back episodes.

As you gear up for the eighth season ... how would you like to win ALL SEVEN previous seasons on DVD, courtesy of ABC and TV Fanatic? Yes, we're serious! This is your chance to do so, free of charge!

Just follow these steps and be entered to win the Ultimate Fan DVD Prize Pack:

Greys 1-7 DVD
  1. Register with TV Fanatic (or login if you already have an account)
  2. Follow this link to take a brief Grey's Anatomy quiz, then leave a comment on this post with your score! Winner will be selected at random. Contest limited to U.S. residents. We will announce the winner and private message you on TV Fanatic on Thursday, September 15. Best of luck!

UPDATE: The contest is closed at this time. The winner, selected at random, is greysgirl1992. Congratulations and thank you all for playing! Check back with TV Fanatic for more awesome contests!

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5 out of 5!!!


5 out of 5 correct :D
100 %


5 correct out of 5 :)


5 out of 5 :o)


I scored 100%!!! I am so excited for the premiere of season 8. Merder all the way!!!!!!


4 out of 5... but one of the questions was what did callie do right before they got in the car crash... arizona proposed not callie.. so that question is bull shit.


Really annoying how it's for US residents only. Thanks for totally dismissing the rest of the world.


5 correct out of 5 :) Entering the contest, I'd love to all 7 released seasons! :)

Greys anatomy 1 fan

Ok this is my 3rd time entering but there isnt no rule that says how many times you can comment and i hope i win i am greys anatomy obsessed i am the middle child of 7 and every time i wanna watch it i get interupted and i can rewind on my tv but if i had the box set i can stop rewind and watch it over and over again. Im am greys anatomy #1 fan


100%... i watched every single show and i can watch them all over again..i am a nurse and i love greys anatomy. it helped me threw school just by watching this show.. i love DR.McDreamy!