Grey's Anatomy Premiere: What to Watch For

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The two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy is now a mere week away. If you've followed any news and/or Grey's Anatomy spoilers this offseason, you know there's a lot up in the air at this point.

There's so much to digest, it's hard to know what to expect, and the season hasn't even started yet. Rest assured, heads will be spinning and hearts will be pounding by the time 11 p.m. rolls around.

Here's a look at five keys to the much-anticipated return ...

The return of laughter. Grey's is at its best when there are light-hearted moments to compliment the drama, and Mark and Jackson deliver that and then some, courtesy of Jackson's newfound interest in plastics.

Mark can't help but be impressed by his protege's skill, even if there's awkwardness over the whole Lexie thing. Speaking of which, there's allegedly a little something that will keep the Mark-Lexie hope alive. 

April K.

April's first time: Running the show, that is. It doesn't go well at all as Dr. Kepner cannot rein in headstrong doctors - to the detriment of all. How bad is it? Will she make it past her first day? Stay tuned.

Sinkhole heroes: Get ready for some wonderful guest stars heartbreakingly fighting for their lives.

Ongoing issues: Derek still isn't over the clinical trial blowup, and Meredith is reeling. But life and work and motherhood go on. At least for some. Get ready to be surprised by how certain issues are resolved.

You thinking what we're thinking regarding Cristina?

Heartbreak in Seattle: To hear E! tell it, there could be full-on bawling by the end of the episode, as Shonda Rhimes again "brings us to tears and sets up what we hope will be a good fight." Make of that what you will.

In short, vintage Grey's Anatomy. Share your predictions and hopes for the premiere here!

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avery and lexie!!!!!!!!!


I REALLY DONT LIKE LEXI AND MARK TOGETHER ANYMORE. at first i was crazy about them but hes screwed up and lied to her so many times its annoying now. Jackson is such a good guy to her and thats what she deserves


I am so excited about tonight. I want Lexi and Sloan to get back together they were the best couple out of all of them.


Greys anatomy comes on today


I kind of hope Stark comes back. Though i honestly cant remember the last 3 episodes, i am re-watching the seventh season and i hate him when he comes on but really sort of begin to like him as he shows up more and shows more of a soul throughout the season. I do like the relationship between him and April... can't wait till tomorrow night but i do think i would like to see Stark this season.

Greys anatomy 1 fan

OMG its finally here (well close) Greys anatomy comes on tomorrow omg I cant wait.


I hated the season 7 finale. It was the worst of all seasons. Having Mer tamper with that trial was stupid especially when in an episode prior she was preaching to Derek on making an exception for Adele could ruin it for everyone else. I think the writers sucked and didn't know what to do. Having Derek give up his love, family over a stupid trial is even worse. I think the writers could come up with something more creative than everyone being pregnant and ruining a super couple. I hope Cris doesn't keep the baby because she doesn't want to be a mother.


I'm so excited for the season to start I agree that the finale sucked and was wanting to watch more private practice instead but I still love grey's I hope Christine keeps baby also and little grey get back together with Sloan can't wait till it starts


I don't think that Meredith is going to be permanently fired, I think when it comes out to the board of what exactly happened a lot of the blame is gonna end up coming down on chief for pressuring her. This may be the season where he permanently steps down from the chief role. But I think when they realize that only merediths role in the trial is compromised and no the trial itself things will be resolved for her. I'd really like to see Christina keep the baby, it would add such a new dynamic to the twisted-sisters having to learn how to be the twisted-mothers, not to mention possible tension that could put on the sisters relationship, having Christina go through the experience of pregnancy that Mer wanted but can't have. Could make for a really interesting season. The Christina-Abortion thing has been done already and I'd like to not see it ressurected. Plus we like Chris-Owen, I don't want to see that end. It was as good of, if not better, a storyline as MerDer.


I think that Owen and Cristina make a good couple because they are so different and i really hope that they are able to overcome this obstacle. Maybe Cristina will have a miscarriage or something but in the third episode of season 8 it says that Owen and Cristina try and find normalcy in there relationship so i hope thats a good turning point. I hope that she doesn't get the abortion so that she can save her marriage.

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