Ringer Premieres to Strong Ratings

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Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to primetime television was a success for The CW last night.

While the premiere of Ringer didn't come close to the numbers reached each week by network hits such as The Vampire Diaries, it did draw 2.74 million viewers, the most The CW has seen in this Tuesday evening timeslot in three years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer

Elsewhere, 90210 fell 17 percent from last year's premiere and only garnered 1.63 million viewers. On NBC, Parenthood was watched by 6.8 million folks and America's Got Talent won the night with 13.2 million.

But back to Ringer, the most anticipated debut of the night. What did you think of the pilot?


What a beautiful and ovnimg story! I am a donor as well and hope that I will be selected one day. God bless you.


Found the pilot slow, ponderous, boring, barely made it through the thing. May be I'll try it again before ep. 2. As is, not a must watch. Didn't like the 'death' or 'fake death' whatever, without a reason why. Disjointed, ugly clothes, typical New York BS attitudes. I'll give it ep. 2 to decide.


I've seen this storyline in a movie(for tv), same thing, twins, one fakes death, the other takes over identity...so I kind of saw it coming. Lets hope the rest is more original. Oh and I hate the clothes,just horrible!


Yep. I'm going to be a regular too. I love the adult-touch to the show.


Loved it!

Adrian eduardo bustamante pincheira

Count me in as a regular too!!


I loved it!!!! I agree with u @Dexter Idolizer I'll watch as a regular viewer :)


I for one loved it so much that I could watch it again. I'm going to be one regular viewer! :D

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