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Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Preview: Farewell, Jax?

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The first four minutes of tonight's Sons of Anarchy premiere sets the stage for where various character are at. Watch the opening NOW.

But where are the two main SAMCRO members heading? That's a topic Kurt Sutter addressed with TV Guide this week.

"Jax has had a lot of time to think about the last three years of his life," Sutter said of the character's 14-month prison sentence. "He is perhaps a guy that thinks too deeply for this life. I think that becomes clear this season in terms of where his goals are and what his plan is.

Opie and Jax

Those goals will be to leave Charming behind, taking Tara and his two sons away from a life that would most likely put him back behind bars at some point. But Jax "doesn't want to leave the club in chaos," Sutter says, or to bail on it like he thinks his father did.

"Jax is a little bit of an idealist and it's probably his tragic flaw. He has these ideals that he strives for that ultimately are antithetical to the lifestyle."

Of course, viewers know JT did not actually bail on the club. The letters Tara discovered on the third season finale will play a major role this season, beginning tonight.

Elsewhere on the premiere - which we've seen and a review of which will go live on TV Fanatic nanosecond this 90-minute episode concludes - fan can look forward to...

  • New law enforcement in town, and a new grand plan to bring down SAMCRO.
  • A wedding.
  • Clay wondering about his own future with the club.
  • Juice with a head of hair.
  • A very troubled Wayne Unser.
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i have watched 123/ 4 times now when will s/4 be out iam going mad ??


yes jax is a idealist he wants to take the sons of anarchy in new diriction fine but must a be realest for starts.
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of anachy should hold their first anual love ride in the town of charming ca and take the heat
off the sons.


here an idea that as viewer for the sons of anarchy if jax learns about the puttig a hit on tara his girl friend
and mother of his child last season she became jax old lady biker term for wife or girl friend her role
as jax old lady is running it corse tara needs join forces gemma and start the first all females mortor cyle
club. the first ever female m/c and stet thier own rules


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