Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Getting Out

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FX has set the stage for season four of Sons of Anarchy.

In the first true sneak peek at the upcoming premiere, we see where various characters are at 14 months after the May finale: Abel has grown into a toddler; Tara is still reading through a certain letter; Gemma is caring for Thomas; Otto is receiving a present.

And the men of SAMCRO are getting out of jail. Check out the four-minute clip now and return to TV Fanatic as soon as the September 6 episode concludes for a detailed review.

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Cant wait this is going to be the best season of all of them


We love the show but it's easy to lose interest with so much time between seasons. I guess we'll see how the first few shows go.


Hell yeah !!! It's about time !! I've been waiting forever for the new season !!!! Rock on SOA !!! Best show ever !!!!!!

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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She's the gatekeeper.


Jax: You want to be an old lady, then act like one! Do you what you're told! Pack your shit and head back to Charming.
Tara: I just helped you mother kill someone. That old lady enough for you?!?