The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

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The couple of Forwood provided the fodder for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, while you, dear readers, provided the laughter.

As always, we appreciate every last entry, but the winner of Caption Contest #78 is... VDluv! Check out this user's submission below, as he/she went all CW on us and reference The Secret Circle. Great stuff.

Thanks to all who participated and remember to play every Friday!!!

Setting Up to Party

Tyler: So you really think that Thomas Dekker is hotter than me? I saw the way you look at him Caroline..

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ERIC NORTHMAN: "Well if you two have finished eye-fucking each other,can we go?"


Caroline: I'm so horny all the time!
Tyler: I knew it! If vampires and werewolves existed, it was just a matter of time until someone discovered a Unicorn running around Mystic Falls.


Caroline: My Milkshake brings all the wolfs that are hard...


Caroline(starts singing): "My cup...saying what's up to my cup...more of a friend that a silly know what it is...saying what's up to my cup...pahhh
Tyler: Brit...erm Caroline, it's supposed to be 'silly pup'.


Caroline: *crickets*
Tyler: *crickets* Eye sex? In HIGH OVERDRIVE


Caroline: why dont i just rip off your shirt and head to the bedroom.
Tyler: i want get drunk first


Tyler: Cant we just skip to the scene where... you know...


Tyler: I don't think those cups will give much protection


Caroline : OK, we know its gonna happen later on in this episode, can't we just do it right here, right now ?


T: Listen, Caroline...if you want this relationship to work, you need to stop with the Twilight comparisons.
C: But Taylor Lautner is hot! I mean, you look just like him right now! If YOU want this relationship to work, you need to start with the no-tshirt policy.

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