The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

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The couple of Forwood provided the fodder for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, while you, dear readers, provided the laughter.

As always, we appreciate every last entry, but the winner of Caption Contest #78 is... VDluv! Check out this user's submission below, as he/she went all CW on us and reference The Secret Circle. Great stuff.

Thanks to all who participated and remember to play every Friday!!!

Setting Up to Party

Tyler: So you really think that Thomas Dekker is hotter than me? I saw the way you look at him Caroline..

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T: So...aren't you worried about something happening at Elena's party? Stefan returning, someone coming back from the dead, Damon and Elena finally getting together after all this time?
C: No. Why would I be?
T: Well this party is going to have a bunch of loose out of control kids, a werewolf, vampires, and lots of legal and illegal substances. I mean, anybody would say this is the perfect situation for trouble.
C: Nah, it's TVD. I have a better chance of being shot in the back by your mom.


Gossip Girl: Be careful, C, one thing about making a deal with the devil, He always comes to collect.


Catherine - forget two girls one cup, this is one girl, many cups. And blood. You know cause I'm a vampire. Its kinda my thang. Cups. Blood. General Menace. st cetera. Tyler - Fuck me.


Tyler: What are you doing?
Caroline: The Founders party's tonight.
Caroline: Oh....
Tyler: I love you Caroline.
Caroline: What?
Caroline: Who Died and made you King Of ANything.
Tyler: Sara bareilles :)


Tyler: okay im always horny
Caroline:so am i
(tyle's eyes widen)
Caroline: Lets fuck
(tyler smirks)


Caroline: Hey Tyler, you are...... you are UP!
Tyler: Ya, coz I am horny all the time.


Caroline:That slut is your date????
Tyler: I told you I am horny.
Caroline:oh yeah!!!(bad mood)
Caroline: its nothing.just some vampire know"emotions heightened blah blah
Tyler: well I have that too.
Caroline: well, ummm.....maybe you get lucky tonight.


Tyler: I already told you I'm horny, so could you stop fiddling with those cups like that.


Caroline: Wait, I thought your favorite color is red!
Tyler: Red makes me horny. But it's not my favorite color.


"Hunny get the scissors and cut the strings. I figure we can have a phone in every room by the end of the day!"

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