TV Ratings Report: Farewell to The Playboy Club?

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Dinosaurs performed moderately well, Rachel Bilson came back strong and The Playboy Club took a huge step toward cancellation last night. A rundown of the evening's ratings is below...

8 p.m.
Dancing With the Stars: 15.7 million viewers
How I Met Your Mother: 10.6 million/2 Broke Girls: 11.6 million
Terra Nova: 9 million
The Sing-Off: 4.8 million
Gossip Girl: 1.4 million

9 p.m.
Two and a Half Men: 20 million/Mike & Molly: 14 million
Dancing With the Stars: 16.3 million
Terra Nova: 9 million
The Sing-Off: 3.9 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.8 million

10 p.m.
Castle: 11.9 million
Hawaii Five-0: 11.1 million
The Playboy Club: 3.9 million


I like The Playboy Club. I love Eddie Cibrian(even though he is a douchebag married to a huge douche) as an actor. Things I love always fail! Swingtown, Party Down....I was devastated when My So Called Life was cancelled! I've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy, the Good Wife, Two and a Half Men.....guess that's my problem! I don't enjoy the same as the masses. I love Happy Endings right now....guess I need to keep that nugget a secret! I think most wanted The Playboy Club to fail, so I feel it never stood a chance. Typical.....


The Gossip Girl ratings made me laugh.


GG does better on itunes as it always in top 10 there (even beating TVD, CW's golden child). Also look at who its up against... they have the worst time slot on the whole network. It also as Matt Richenthal pointed out wins its demographic more than any other show on the network.


I know I follow a little bit the ratings, to see will they cancel one of my fav shows! But for a series premier under 1,5! NoGo GG did a lot better during season one and 2! The ratings dropped a lot since season 3! I really love the actors and the show! but I'm really disappointed with the way they handle it! And I don't see them much longer on TV!


I'm actually sorry for Playboy Club, there is something I like ...

Matt richenthal

@Spindae: That's about average for GG actually. The show does terribly in overall ratings, but is a major hit in the coveted 18-34 year old demographic.


GG disappointed clearly! And if they continue so they will end this year!