Fringe Sneak Peek: Witness the Return of Peter Bishop

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Fringe will not air a new episode tonight, but there's a method to that madness, fans. You are gonna need ample time to prepare yourself for next Friday's installment.

It will feature the return of Peter Bishop, a Peter Bishop that is as confused about what's going on as Olivia, Walter and the average viewer.

"If I'm not supposed to be here, why am I back?" he asks in the following extended promo, which also features a curious Olivia and a very anxious Walter. Feast your eyes on it now and, don't worry, you won't break the video player if you watch it multiple times. We understand...

Uncle jackass

@Adrians, I think it was explained in this season's episode 2 by Walter that "Sometimes people unfortunately die twice..." was a clue that both perspective Peters died from drowning and a disease. The 'Peter' that we know comes from an alternate, alternate universe that was outer-of phase.


There might be a possibility that this universe Peter is alive too. Thus there will be two Peter. Hopefully one of them (this universe) is a badass villain.


well that's one way to sort out an unwanted pregnancy

Uncle jackass

@Briank, Both M-universes have been altered due to Peter in the end of season 3 using the 'device' to connect an intersecting space between the two universes. I.e. the device was never designed to destroy one world or the other. In doing so, to recap, the Peter we know died in Reiden Lake as a young kid from dropping into the lake without the help of bald head Observer, our side Peter still died of the disease, Olivia killed his step dad with a gunshot, Nina was Olivia's surrogate foster mother, our Olivia didn't awakened her innate heightened chromaxiphan scare-shock skill to transverse universes, Faux Olivia never got impregnated by our surrogate Peter, and... ... most importantly their side Broyles didn't die from saving our Olivia because the conditions of animosity between the two universes didn't happen. the same way.


Walter, not Walker...


Since Peter died when he was a kid in this "new version" of the current universe, things have not been the same over here and over there. Walker hating Nina, Nina being like a mother to Olivia, etc. Things are just different, because the timelime is now different, and this is the case in both universes. It might be as simple as that. The events that killed Broyles over there never happened is this "new version".


Can someone explain to me why Broyles is no longer dead in the alternate universe? Didnt he die and they shipped his body over to the 'real universe'?


damn Fox!

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