Gibbs' Ex-Wife on NCIS: First Look!

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Melinda McGraw is coming to NCIS November 1 as the ex-wife of Gibbs ... and Fornell.

The episode title? "Devil's Triangle." What led both men to marry this woman (Fornell has a daughter with her, as well), and where do things stand between all of them now?

An an interview with EW, which first obtained the photo below, executive producer Gary Glasberg says that with the arrival of Diane Sterling, neither man will know what hit him.

Finding the right woman to spar with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and FBI Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano), who have developed quite a rapport over the years, was a task in itself.

Gibbs' Ex-Wife Diane

“When this part first came up it was a big question of who we could find that would be able to really make something of the banter that we wanted between this character’s two ex-husbands,” Glasberg said. “[Gibbs and Fornell] are two formidable, very unique characters ... it would take a very specific type of woman to handle both of them.”

Fans can expect a very frank relationship shared among the trio.

“There’s no hesitation and no qualms of holding back in anyway. She just lets them have it, and they just take it,” Glasberg says. “It’s almost as if they’re used to it."

"I mean, they dish it back when they can, but what’s fun about the way Steve Binder and Reed Steiner wrote this character is the familiarity that exists ... you feel like you’ve been a part of it before.”

Glasberg says her visit will also be an informative one, as “a lot of feelings and memories come back as to why they were drawn to each other in the first place.”

“We'll learn something about Gibbs and this specific wife,” he adds.

What do you think that might be exactly? Are you excited to meet the former Mrs. Gibbs, who also happens to be the former Mrs. Fornell? Share your comments with us below.

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I miss Ziva, but, a good replacement would have been Melinda McGraw, the actress who played Diane Sterling in this episode. She's the ex-wife of both Gibbs and Fornell. Now there is a story line the writers would have fun with! Wow! Ziva's replacement, Ellie, is NOT a good chemistry! Her blonde hair belongs on NCIS Los Angeles! Kate was a brunette and so was Ziva. Both were great! Why bring in a blonde? Bad Choice CBS! No longer watch the show. Boring.


One of the few TV series that can get me to laugh out loud and, minutes later, bring me to emotional tears in the same episode!! I can see how each week it develops millions in ad revenue. 'Triangle' has the makings of an NCIS classic!!!....looking forward to next Tuesday.


love the show. The relationship between Gibbs and his team is priceless. NCIS: LA does a good job but still doesn't have the synergy that NCIS has - getting better tho. Only down thing I have to say is that I think it is time for Tony to grow up a little. He can still be humorous but not so juvenile. Altho, with some of his facial expressions you could almost believe he could be related to Robert Wagner - great job of casting there! Can't wait to see the episode with Gibbs, Fornell and the ex!


Love the show. Love DiNozzo and Gibbs. Wouldn't it be funny to see her start putting the moves on poor, unsuspecting DiNozzo!


Very exciting and I'm sure the humor will be great. Love Melinda since Commish and her days as Scully's sister Mellisa on X-Files. Also she and Nick Lea were on Commish together when they were also a couple in RL, then she appeared on X Files and as Krycek, Nick Lea killed her! LOL


Love this show. Just miss Mike Franks


Would't it be cool if she knew about gibbs first wife and darther

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