Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Louis Fights Back!

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Wow. Who knew Louis had a little bit of Blair in him?

The CW's Gossip Girl promo for November 7 offered some fun clips of Blair bossing around potential bridesmaids, but largely ignored the burning questions we were left with after last night's episode.

The Canadian promo, however, delves right in ...

If this 30-second teaser for "I Am Number Nine" is any indication:

  • Chuck and Blair come face to face in what looks like a crucial scene.
  • Louis wants Eliza Barnes to help him eliminate Chuck as a threat.
  • Louis found the paternity test (which we knew).
  • Dan's big movie deal hits a snag.
  • Nate and Ivy make out. Sigh.

Sound off on these Gossip Girl developments below ...

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Nate and Ivy making out? Viewers already saw that coming when they started working in the Spectator together. It's not Gossip Girl if Nate won't make out with every girl on the show (except Dorota, Eleanor and Lily, of course.)


@Gracey That makes two of us! Dair*


When I say you should too, i'm talking about Chairsucks, not you R. :)


October 26th, 2011 6:55 AM @chairsucks that is honestly the worst comments I've ever read from a dair fan." Agreed.. I love Chair! I've supported them since season 1 but you don' see me writing hate comments on dair. I respect other people's ships , maybe you should too!


omg we have to wait two weeks for 5x06?


@Gracey Then you are one of the few.


Despite the fact that Blair is pregnant and the show may end this season or next, I still watch every single minute of GG hoping for DAIR!


@kendallf Amen to that.


go dan thats how you win blair's heart by writing u had sex with her in your book and then publish it *roll eyes* people said that dan wrote something that will make blair swoon in his book and this is all we got? im sorry but this is just pathetic for his character. blair has rejected him so many times so enough is enough. Dan deserve someone who will want him back. him chasing a girl who obviously doesnt want him just makes him look needy and desperate(which is why i find him so unattractive) and since dan likes "damsel in distress" woman then maybe he can go save someone who wants to be save like Ivy(that girl looks like she needs to be save) because serena and blair do not want to be saved esp blair it makes her look weak and its an insult to the real "Blair waldorf" because she is not a weak person.


So can Louis leave now? And Nate and Ivy... ew. I really hope it doesn't last. Knowing Nate it probably won't.

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