Gossip Girl Producer Speaks on Diana, Charlie, 100th Episode

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Gossip Girl Executive Producer Joshua Safran has a lot on his plate.

If last night's episode, "Beauty and the Feast" didn't make that obvious enough, think about all the stories he has to tie together this season. Recently, he sat down to reflect a little on all of it.

Excerpts from Safran's interview with The Hollywood Reporter below:

All Hail Queen B.W.

On whether B goes through with the pregnancy: All of those questions are going to definitely come up for her. She’s going to have some interesting decisions to make.

On the season as a whole: This season is very much about choices, whether it’s Dan’s book or Serena’s choice in career or Nate’s connection with Diana. Everyone's choices affect everybody around them.

On Diana's interest in Gossip Girl: Diana Payne wants to become the new media baron in New York. In order to do that, you need to eliminate your competitors, whether they’re the Post or Gossip Girl.

She very much decides that in order to get what she wants, she needs to eliminate Gossip Girl. Her agenda is very much to get where she wants to get. She’s direct, which unsettles the other characters.

Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl

On other guest stars this season: Elizabeth Hurley is the only guest star because we wanted to make our characters fully enmeshed with each other. There are guest stars but they’re more Blair’s mother, Blair’s stepfather, Nate’s grandfather; it’s really more family stories. Season 1 was very much about these kids trying to define themselves.

As you grow up, you’re going to revisit those issues again.

On a dreamy scene: Our first dream sequence of the year is in episode seven and it’s a really fun dream sequence. All I can tell you is it involves Blair, let’s put it that way.

On what happened to the real Charlie: You will find out during [this season]. I don’t want to say how, but you cannot pretend to be somebody that exists without the person knowing about it.

On the challenges of this season: There’s still so many stories to tell. The challenges in the past might have been the beginning of college, because we didn’t want to be the kind of show that put everybody in the same school and then you realize they do that for a reason because the characters can interact. That’s maybe a mistake that we learned from.

On the 100th episode of the show: It’s going to be good, that’s all I can say. I can’t comment on [whether people will be returning], but what I can say is if you haven’t watched the show in a while, you can pop back in because it pays homage to every episode that came before it.

It will center around a major event, probably the biggest event that we’ve done.

On the end of the series: We all set goals for ourselves and those goals shift and change. Sure you can catch me up on Monday and I can say, “We all talked and we think it should be ‘X,’” then by Wednesday, it’s gone into a different direction. Some pieces we know and other pieces we hope for, but it could all change tomorrow.


100th episode - Chuck renounces women and enters a monastary. His endgame is THE LORD. Blair delivers early and who is there - DAN!


I'm so happy they are returning to family based story lines and cutting down on the guest stars. I hope that's true and not bullcrap Safran is spewing. When does the 100th episode air? I think it might just be the Gossip Girl reveal since Diane is on the UES to take GG down. A congregation of all the program's recurring characters (like the Seinfeld finale) would be AWESOME. Could you imagine Georgina, Jenny, Marcus/Lady Catherine, Uncle Jack, Carter Baizen, Damien, Juliet, etc etc. in the same episode??


the 100th Episode must be the reavealed who is the mysterious gossip girl is!
i hope GossipGirl is more Bitchy and Schemer and Smart than Diana payne !
i hope the girl who will be the Gossip Girl must be Beautiful and Gorgeous and Bitchy! a real charlie rhodes ??!! thats awesome! ivy VS charlie.. :D Georgina sparks should Return too! she is part of Gossip girl all over since the first season! Blair cornelia waldorf Will Marry Prince Louis Grimaldi! and new Schemer and Villains PLease !!!! all In 1 in this season!!! FABULOUS!


October 4th, 2011 11:53 PM
I am so ready for DAIR! Dan & Blair is going to be a dream come true. ------> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, fuck, are you stoned or something?????


damn shit, CHAIR is endgame!!! I was pretty sure about it, but now i just know it`s going to end like that.
I mean think about it, it is going to be chuck`s baby, cause louis is just a guest character and it wouldn`t be interesting at all watching him and B getting a baby.
the latest pics of 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 show us our perfect match B and C - together!!! and happy!!! he is touching her stomach in one of them and they are smiling at each other, so nothing will seperate them anymore what i think is that it really might be the last season, cause C and B are going to be a family, there won`t be an interesting storyline anymore...and i think that S might get back with N and Dan can just commit suicide or whatever... Excited!!!


i bet you anything the dream will be about dair and then for the 100th ep it will be blair having the baby... hopefully xx


Hopefully Georgina will pop up soon!!!!


Wow, this Charlie/Ivy thing is so screwed up that I forgot there was a real Charlie Rhodes out there somewhere. I'm actually interested to see where that goes.


Or even tho we all know what happen that night already, they might do the night Nate and Serena had sex and she killed Pet. But the first blaast is better :). Btw with the Charlie thing, so she's alive OMG. I bet you the real Charlie is more of a bitch or messed up lol


I am so ready for DAIR! Dan & Blair is going to be a dream come true.

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