Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: You Might Not Wanna Read That ...

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Monday on Gossip Girl, Dan finally came forward as the author of Inside.

Will he look back on this life-changing decision happily? Or rue the day?

In a clip from next week's episode, he looks like he's worried about the latter. Subtly encouraging Blair not to read his book, he knows the creative liberties he took aren't going to go over well.

We assume they're creative liberties. Is it possible that Dan and Blair actually did sleep together? Probably not, but we'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, B is off to break the big news.

Be sure to check out our review and Round Table discussion of this week's episode, "The Jewel of Denial." Then take a look at the sneak peek from "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan" below ...

UPDATE: Check out the new Canadian promo for a few more snippets!

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@Katpierce HEAR HEAR


I agree with kookakicha that nastiness is not an ok thing to do regarding shipping preferences. The actions of one person can provoke that the rest of the shippers gain a bad reputation.


That was harsh! If you're so sure Chair is endgame why do you bash other people and their opinion?
I know not all Chair fans are like that but I have seen too many rude fans and that only makes me cling closer to Dair;-).
Also I also think that the Blair analogy works for Dan. With
Vanessa= they were too similar
Serena= they were too different
Blair= they are perfect. They share interests while still being different so they kind of show new things to each other. It's what makes their friendship so appealing (and if the writers go there, their romance would be very interesting to watch).


the jerk that said that to @skinny shouldn't even be allowed to post stuff unless it's going to be about the show. i bet the ironic part is that you are fatty who can't handle the fact that your show isn't going the way you want it to. GET OVER YOURSELF & TRY BEING A LITTLE NICER!!!


Here's how I see it:
Louis = the new Blair
Chuck = the old Blair
Dan = the real Blair
However, considering that Chuck himself is undergoing significant transformation, he could also accompany the new Blair. I just want her to be happy! :)


@skinny your name is ironic since in your post you sound like a chubby fat girl who wants more cake. Did you not watch the whole episode? I said in another post that that episode proved to me how much dair are so far in the friends zone. I love their friendship but there's nothing more to it. Blair is still very much in love with chuck and the chair seen proved it, her expressions, the things she said. dw babe, chair fans will be fine, because chair is endgame :)


Chair is sinking. Let's face it. You should appreciate your new ship CHUNKEY while I enjoy Dair. (Just imagine how Dan kissed Blair's head (5x02) while Chuck kissing Monkey's (5x03) I love that scene, fits perfectly. Don't lost hope Chair fans. Haha


Totally agreeing with the comment below.


AAAAW! Aren't Dair just the cutest thing EVER!?


OMG !! DAIIRRR!!! Come ON WRITERS! Give us some fresh stuff ~!!!

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