Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: You Might Not Wanna Read That ...

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Monday on Gossip Girl, Dan finally came forward as the author of Inside.

Will he look back on this life-changing decision happily? Or rue the day?

In a clip from next week's episode, he looks like he's worried about the latter. Subtly encouraging Blair not to read his book, he knows the creative liberties he took aren't going to go over well.

We assume they're creative liberties. Is it possible that Dan and Blair actually did sleep together? Probably not, but we'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, B is off to break the big news.

Be sure to check out our review and Round Table discussion of this week's episode, "The Jewel of Denial." Then take a look at the sneak peek from "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan" below ...

UPDATE: Check out the new Canadian promo for a few more snippets!

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CHAIR all the way. no matter what, they are the best couple EVER


THe fact the writers put everyone together is working against the credibility of Dan-Blair which is too bad.
I think you should not look at them in the context of "number of hook-ups in Gossip Girl" because that's not the way they have developed it. They're actually taking time with their friendship which I think shows a consciousness to try making it essentially unlike the idiotic (and mostly "shock value") hook ups previously. And that is if they ever hook up which may not happen (to the pleasure of all Chair fans).
The Dan and Blair friendship is actually enjoyable to watch.

Uncle jackass

The Canadian Promo is kept in a tab between "Quotes" and "Forum" which is labelled "Clips," on the gossip girl menu. It should be easier enough to find without me being moderated for linking it.


i dont know but i have a strong feeling that Chuck is the father and that someone knew about the pregnancy and messed with the paternity test results!!!


@ NLC6582: I like your way of thinking. @ andy: TV fanatic posted it, I hope you were able to watch it.


What are you all taking about? DAIR is already happening. Even though they haven't really had a romantic relationship yet, and probably won't ever on the show, they still have an adorably sweet friendship. I like to think of them like DATE or BLAIRENA. They're awesome together, with or without sex. Everybody just calm down.


Dair is wonderful. All you bitches stop complaining and grow up;)


bleeeee. not DAIR! chair forever~!!!!!!!!!


Dair!! :)


If DAIR happens Im going to ship for a Churena.... Might as Well.... Lets finish this orgy out..

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