Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Dog Park Style

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On Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Fasting and the Furious," Chuck takes Monkey to the dog park. That alone would make for a memorable scene, but does he make a significant connection there?

A sneak peek released for the fifth episode of the season certainly implies that. Will this be a new love interest for Chuck, or merely a professional relationship? He could use help in that department ...

Also this week, Diana increases her efforts to infiltrate Blair's inner circle, with Nate and Ivy in tow, while Serena has to put on a happy face and suck up to Dan. Sounds like plenty of duplicity to go around.

Watch the sneak preview clip, along with the weekly producers' overview, below:

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Yeah dair is one sided. Guess its for other reasons why dan was the first person she told about her pregnancy (even if he cornered her, she could have still lied), why he's the one she turned to admit she was pregnant, why she hung out with him all those times watching movies and visiting theatres.
It may not be love but whatever it is, Blair feels something. Why in the world would she kiss him the first place? Blair Waldorf doesn't seem like the type of girl that agrees to kiss just anyone.


Chuck and blair:
I LOVE how they opened their true faces and vulnarabilities to each other, without even using words...I LOVE how they know and understand each other so well...its already there in pilot... I LOVE how they have known each other since childhood and I LOVE how they care for their BFFs...I LOVE how they do NOT judge each other EVER too... I LOVE how they mean words with all their hearts and speak through each other's hearts all the time...and how this scared the hell out them when they figured out... I LOVE how everytime they touch and kiss, you can literally see fireworks, (not as result of visual effects...) and even when they're not communicating but in the same place you feel chemistry between them all over the place...its like magic... I LOVE how they complete each other and feel incomplete without each other...(e.g. I'm not Chuck Bass without you-its not my world without you) I LOVE how they love and accept the bad and good in each other. I LOVE how they do not want to change each other in anyway because they LOVE all of each other's sides but change by their dynamics to be better for each other...thats why I LOVED how they were becoming a true team just before the blood sucking mother showed up with his scaly uncle messed up all the trust... I LOVE the nicknames she makes out from "Chuck Bass" and I LOVE how he enjoys them and her wit (appreciates too) * I LOVE how they know what they think without even communicating (e.g. at last Blair was aware of Chuck's plan to go to see Jack about BI-4x11, and how Chuck had figured out she has been pulling out Camille in 4x18) because they are both intuitive...and they know it already... I LOVE Serena's observation about them how "two wrongs becoming a twisted RIGHT", I LOVE this so much... I LOVE how they get jealous about each other. for example Chuck, still gets jealous about BN even *its so funny...(in all seasons there is a little detail about this actually) I LOVE how Blair was there "standing by her man" all the time, how she cared about him nothing less than a family...I LOVE how she is scared FOR him when he tried to hurt himself or even when he hurt her too and I LOVE how she is the ONLY one who can talk-convince him to do anything...I LOVE how her words are the most important ones in his life, I LOVE how she is the thoughest ctiritics of him...and I LOVE how passionately she loves Chuck...I LOVE how Blair's love, passion and tender at the same time makes Chuck's heart even bigger... I LOVE how Chuck was there "supporting his queen" all the time, reminding her that she is amazing...she is beautiful..she is hot and sexy...she is intelligent...she is powerful...she is the queen...when everytime she remembered her insecurities, he tried to help her and show how powerful and amazing she is...and I LOVE how he is the one who truely makes Blair happy and glow all the time... Examples: Chuck makes Blair glow, shine. After they hooked up, Nate notices that Blair is “She’s lighter, she’s happier… Ah, she’s just less Blair.� Chuck: “She does have a certain glow about her, doesn’t she?� (1.10) So I guess is Chuck’s merit.
Blair shines with Chuck, and he knows it because he believes in her savoir faire. “With your glow, Anne Archibald will beg you to be the face of her new foundation.� (4.09)
Everyone sees Blair shining whenever she thinks about her lover. She’s about to go to Chuck to tell him she wants to get back with him, and Dorota sees she’s happy of her decision. “You’re late.� Dorota: “And you’re glowing.� (4.18)
Chuck loves when Blair is happy, because she shines. And Chuck loves when Blair shines. It’s the Blair he loves the most. “When she’s with Louis, she shines… that’s the Blair I love.� (4.22)
Serena noticed how happy/glowing Blair was and asked her if it was her dad,chuck, or Nate and Blair was secretly with chuck that time.(1x09) I LOVE how even they say mean things, do mean things to each other and even when they "hate" each other, fight with each other and make wars with each other, at the end they always have an open window for each other at least as friends...because they know how much they LOVE each other...and actually how much they need each other...I LOVE how there is always "LOVE and lust" that pulls them to each other...and how it is NATURAL...and not forced at all... I LOVE how passionately they want each other and only each other...(1x07,2x07,3x07,2x02,2x03,1x10,4x07,4x09,4 x08) I LOVE how they think alike(3x21), act alike, wear alike without any intervention. I love how they compliment and encourage each other. I Love how chuck is the only guy who saw and knows the real "Blair waldorf".(1x07,2x19) I LOVE how Blair knows the real "chuck bass". (2x14,2x01,2x13) I LOVE how they bring out the best in each other. I LOVE how they don't give up each other even when times get hard. I LOVE how chuck has this "weird influence" on Blair. I LOVE how*Chucks knows all her dreams, and aspirations, and can tell right away when she’s pretending. I LOVE how they always see each other insecurities. I LOVE how they will always love each other.(4x22) I LOVE how happy they can be with each other. I LOVE how kinky, perverted, and sexy Blair can be around chuck and only him.(1x07,2x07,2x25 and more...) I LOVE how They can see right through each other. I LOVE how chuck sees Blair as a strong-willed/independent/powerful woman and not a "damsel in distress" woman.(4x22) I LOVE how they balance each other out.(2x07) I Love how blair sees chuck as a "strong" person and not weak.(3x12) I lOVE how Blair is the only woman chuck wants to propose to and marry. I LOVE how there willing to do anything for each other even if it's bad or good.


@jessie I agree. I think that Blair has been there for different people throughout the seasons including her enemies. But I find the Dair friendship quite one-sided actually. Blair never bothers asking Dan what's wrong or what's his feelings. She didn't bother finding out after 4.18, she didn't bother asking him why he needed Louis's help in 5.01, she didn't asked what was bothering him in 4.03, she didn't look remotely interested in supporting his book,... All they ever talk about are her problems, especially this season.when everybody start to hate dan after the book i dont think blair is gonna be there for him.


As for Chuck and Blair, well...
Chuck couldn't feel anything until Blair was reintroduced into his story line. In this last episode, we saw Chuck working behind the scenes to make sure Blair's dreams come true. Of Blair's three love interests, Chuck seems to be the only one who cares for Blair's needs over her own (In Season 5). Louis was ready to walk out on Blair because of Dan's book, without giving her a chance to explain. (To HIS knowledge, Blair is pregnant with HIS child.) Dan looks like a guy who is pinning over a girl who is not in love with him. We saw in the premiere that Dan knew exactly where Louis was, but he didn't say anything, just to have a chance with Blair; thus, picking his needs over hers.


Plus it doesn't matter what the actors think - it all comes down to the writers.


@xoxogg - I didn't mean the writer's tell the actors to say that, I meant because Chair has been going on for so long, obviously the actors would say their characters should end up together - because they've been working together the most/had the biggest storyline/been on/off etc.


@jessie I'm not taking any sides here, I'm just a big fan of Gossip Girl and the actors. All I have to say is that you are wrong about the writers telling Ed and Leighton to say those things. They are people who have their own opinions, why can't you respect that? They deserve more credit. If Ed and Leighton want to ship Chair or Dan wants to ship Dair, that is their choice. No one is making them say anything.


Chair have had 4 seasons of an on/off relationship. People seem to forget that obviously their fanbase would be larger than Dair (which signs of the possibility of a r/s between the two started late season 4), and would have Ed & Leighton stating comments about how they 'should have babies', 'get married' etc. GG writer's have specifically said they don't direct their show according to the amounts of threats on twitter, or love for a ship. But even so let's face it (much to my irritation), they'll end up bringing Chuck and Blair back together in the end. But anyway, the only storyline I enjoy is Dan and his book. I'm all for Dan/Happiness ;- Blair's attitude towards him is so selfish when he's been there to always to listen to her, i hope he finds someone who would appreciate him. I'm actually surprised the writer's have managed to make me not want to fast forward Chuck scenes this season. I guess pairing him up with Dan made him more likeable to me lol


@kendallf Oh my goodness, yes, yes, a million times yes! When I heard about Penn's comment I almost died of humiliation for him. He clearly does not like being near Blake his ex and wants off the show (he keeps saying that gg isn't his "driving source of passion" or whatever) but he's contracted until season 6 so of course he roots for anything but Derena. "Soulmates"... What a joke.


You know for these people being all rich and I'm supprised that not more of them are not seeing psychologists/shrinks and sooner considering how easy it would be for them