Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Dog Park Style

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On Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Fasting and the Furious," Chuck takes Monkey to the dog park. That alone would make for a memorable scene, but does he make a significant connection there?

A sneak peek released for the fifth episode of the season certainly implies that. Will this be a new love interest for Chuck, or merely a professional relationship? He could use help in that department ...

Also this week, Diana increases her efforts to infiltrate Blair's inner circle, with Nate and Ivy in tow, while Serena has to put on a happy face and suck up to Dan. Sounds like plenty of duplicity to go around.

Watch the sneak preview clip, along with the weekly producers' overview, below:

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Penn could not give one logic reason why he thinks dan and blair are soulmates.He one reason for thinking dair are soulmates is because he likes the dair scenes and working with leighton the best lol. thank you Penn for opening our eyes(sarcasm)


@veronica55 open our eyes to see what? lol is this about dair's amazing chemistry you dair fans always talk about? trust me my eyes are open and dair had 4 season to prove there chemistry and how they can work better than cb and i have not seen anything. so let me know when u see this amazing/explosive/sexual chemistry that u guys claim dair have.


Finally!! Thank you @RODRIGO!!
So we have 2 Dair fans for every 5 Chairs,, not bad I'll say :D:D


love gg... dair all the waaaay


@veronica55 Yes, that is definitely why she chose Chuck over Dan and Nate AND said that if she could write Blair's storyline Blair would end up with Chuck and find out that he's a prince AND that she wanted Chuck and Blair to get back together AND that Ed is the one person she has the most chemistry with AND how Chuck understands Blair like no one else AND how they're so right for each other AND she relates to them because there's only Chuck for Blair and Blair for Chuck. Need any more?


(hate spellors)


Also, I'm not sure if you're actually watching GG if you'd rather watch Bloius together!!! Bleh!


To what you said about the Dair kiss in season 4: I remember watching Leighton stick out her tongue and say blehhkk after that kiss in the season 4 bloopers. It was so funny!


Leighton probably only claims that she wants Blair with Chuck cuz you guys can be an angry bunch.. lol
but seriously, I love to see D&B together and that's why I ship them. Same as you guys do CB. So I'll continue to root for them, and convince you people to open your eyes and broaden your minds! :D


seriously.. light up the room, what show are you watching?!!
last time i seen them 2 light up a room, is when blair said " THERE IS NO US"!!!! woo that was a great moment!! :)) GOO BLAIR!!
and siblings, not really only by marriage!! they were forced to be siblings!!
its not like they wanted to! but there not together so who cares!! LOL!
look i like dan, his a great guy, he should fix his hair for one tho.. but the fact of seeing blair and dan together doesnt make me interested.. i rather see Blouise together LOL!!