Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 284

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Welcome back to the 284th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Who won emerged victorious this week?

This week's Caption Contest winner is Selin Ildokuz. Congratulations!

The winning entry now appears beneath the photo. Honorable mentions go out to AlexIsAwesome and mallie lover. Thanks to everyone for playing, as always, and good luck again next time!

Arizona, Callie and Mark

Arizona: Well since you, Callie, had a baby last season, I figured it was my time this season.
Callie: With who? Mark? [laughs, then realizes it's true] Oh Come on!
Mark: What can I say? All the ladies love me.

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    Mark & Arizona: Breakfast!!!!
    Callie: Okay, seriously? I just peed the bed....Seriously.


    Mark: What?
    Callie: Are you serious?
    Arizona: Yes. I booked the Wiggles to play on Sophia's birthday.


    Callie: Isn't this a bad sign for my patients if I can't cut my own food?


    Arizona: Well since you, Callie, had a baby last season. I figured it was my time this season to have a baby. Callie: With who? Mark? *laughs and then realizes it's true* Oh Come on! Mark: What can I say? All the Ladies love me.


    Arizona: Now we cut the food with a knife and fork. Then we push the food on to the fork and put it in your mouth. You slide the fork out of your mouth, but leave the food and then chew it and swallow! Sloan: Fascinating! Do you think I could write a book on that? It'll give me something to do whilst I'm waiting for a great surgery.


    Mark to Arizona: I made that for Callie!!! Callie: Arizona, this is mine!!! OR..................... Mark to Arizona: I made that for Callie!!! Callie: Arizona, honey, i love u & everything but I'm so starving right now so get your damn hands off my plate before i eat them!!!!


    Callie: Im not a baby
    Mark: You sure act like one


    Callie: Arizona, i'm not a baby.
    Arizona: But you're my baby.


    Mark: I wonder if Arizona would agree to a threesome.. Callie: Oh my god I think she is starting to find him attractive... Arizona: Hmm... he can cook and he is not bad looking...


    am i dreaming ?? do they sleep together or what ???