Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: A WHAT Transplant?!

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Last year, we met the distinguished Harper Avery, grandfather of Jackson. Now, Debbie Allen comes to Grey's Anatomy this Thursday as Jackson's mother, and it doesn't take her long to make a splash.

Impressing Catherine Avery, who arrives to perform a groundbreaking transplant surgery - you'll have to see the first clip below to see what that entails - becomes a high priority for the scrambling surgeons.

Who will thrive? Did Jackson really encourage Lexie to leave town to avoid a run-in?

Meanwhile, Arizona and Alex find their hands tied with a confidentiality issue when a familiar patient comes into the ER, Bailey's love triangle intensifies, and Meredith tries to hold out hope for Z's return.

Take a look at the sneak peeks from "Love, Loss and Legacy" and comment below:

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Derek is an ass. Is he going to expect an instant family when Zola comes back or will he continue to be an ass? Funny how he cared less about the biological child Meredith lost during the stress of the attack he provoked by not having compassion for a grieving widower.....


my jaw dropped on the floor from the very sneak peek :))))))


i agree irishshamr. maybe that's shonda's plan. maybe we will hate derek by the end of the season so we won't miss him when he leaves. But I really want Zola back. she made mer human, and now mer has like no soul without zola. so sad :( but im excited about that trasplant. excited to see what happens


I'm really sick of Der being such a jerk. It's turning me off to the season...


Damn McGrumpy anw!!!

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