Once Upon a Time Review: The Price of Power

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Where does one get curses these days? Well, apparently they come with a pretty hefty price tag. The cost? Simple, it's "The Thing You Love the Most."

Once Upon a Time gave us a great second outing here, as we looked back at what it took to make The Evil Queen's curse come to life. 

Regina vs. Emma

The curse. First off, it looked like curses were bought, sold and traded amongst our fairy tale friends. The Evil Queen paid Maleficent a visit to procure the one she needed.

I'm not sure what was more distracting: Maleficent's hair or the special effects during their fight scene. I could have lived without both and I thought the appearance of Maleficent could have been put to better use. The one high point was when the Queen called Maleficent her only friend. You could hear the loneliness in her voice as she said it. It almost made me feel for her.

Of course, any good will that vulnerable moment provided was quickly dashed when she cut out her father's heart... literally. Power trumped love but did she realize she was naming her adopted son after the parent she murdered? It's still hard to tell how much Regina remembers from her fairy tale days.

Just when i thought Rumpelstiltskin couldn't get any creepier, he did. I'm not sure what made my skin crawl more, his eyes, that skin, or the crazy voice. The entire package screams run while you can.

Emma and the Regina throw down. Back in Storybrooke, the gloves came off and neither woman was backing down. The Mayor continued to set Emma up. She had her flogged in the press, then had her set up for theft and arrested. Finally she tried to make her look bad in Henry's eyes.

But all of that had the opposite effect on Emma. She's not the type to turn tail and run when threatened.

I love these two women. They're both strong and smart. Talk about a well-matched fight between good and evil. Neither one's willing to back down and that's what makes this so much fun.

Who loves Storybrooke? Who are the set designer on this show? I could spend all day deciphering the backgrounds of each scene. Did anyone else notice the forest wallpaper in the Mayor's office? Just watching them sit in the room gave me the disturbing feeling of being lost in the woods. It was subtle but ominous at the same time.

Favorite scene: I couldn't help but cheer when Emma took a chainsaw to the Regina's beloved apple tree, then looked her in the eye and told the Mayor she had no idea what she was capable of. Your move, indeed.

And once again Once Upon a Time left us with plenty of questions. Is Emma still playing along with Henry or is she starting to believe? How did Rumpelstiltskin procure Henry? How much does he recall and how will he factor into the future of the curse? And more importantly, what will The Evil Queen's next move be?


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I am really enjoying this show so far. But which fairytale character is the sheriff? Another prince perhaps?


From Gus Fring to a Mirror On The Wall. Sad state of affairs I believe Jennifer Morrison's exquisite jawline should get it's own billing. I can't believe it, but I think this show's pretty fun.


no she the evil queen wasn't talking about prince charming, she said that the one she loved is dead but she must know that the prince wasn't wounded yet when she was talking about it, she didn't start the curse yet.


love this tv show, everything is s simple here: you want an evil spell to work, fine, just kill the thing you love the most.
hahaha, but really how spooky is it that they keep intentionally referring to someone they love as a thing.
Mr. Gold and his fairy-tale alter ego are spooky as hell, great job, he is enough to give me nightmares.
i am glad they are building on the settings and not just leaving all the characters in the vacuum, they are creating living spaces for them, this ep we got to see Snow's house and Evil Queen's office. that was great, you are right the wallpaper of the black and white forest is hypnotizing in a bad way, i kept getting lost too. Snow's house on the other hand was so cozy, everything just shaggy enough to be poor but not to be decrepit and unappealing. and the huge mismatched mugs were adorable. it was light and inviting. i wander if Emma really read the pages or she was just playing along, but i guess she did so that she can keep the conversation with Henry. i know this is how it is supposed to be in a tv show but damn if i didn't moan out some frustration when she burned them without actually showing us what's in them!!! i absolutely love the actress who plays Maleficent but she was almost overtly cartoonish, i mean i know that it's the fairy land but really, did they have to make her live with a pony unicorn and THAT hair with a pair of fake glitter horns that looked like a bad imitation of playboy bunny ears? all in all that was a disappointment for me (the only one that i had so far). i can't figure out which fairy-tale character is the sheriff, does anyone know? Emma and cutting the tree was brilliant, loved it.
and i said the last time that i didn't get why Regina would want a kid in the first place, i get it now, that void that she can't fill, she tried to do it by replacing her father. it is obvious to me now that she remembers it all. but i keep asking myself one question, what is the point of the curse? i mean she wants Snow and all the other good characters to suffer but the thing is they don't know that they suffer, they don't know what they are missing so where is the satisfaction in that? and let me say again, Rumpelstiltskin is scary good at his creepiness!!! he gives me the chills and he obviously didn't loose his memory or at least not where it counts so i can't even imagine his end game, he can't want back into the cellar, or maybe he wants to help and thus become a hero for all the good characters and live happily, i don't know. one more question, where are all the other villains? seems to me that the town is pretty peaceful except from an occasional debacle with Grumpy? i think we saw the wolf last ep but all the rest??


i totally loved this last episode... love the setting and the acting and the portrayal of the characters, especially the evil queen; she definitely has some more depth to her, making her motives more real instead of simply evil. and i wonder, what was it that snow white "took away" from her? i mean, besides her "fairest of them all" status. it seems like snow white took something more from her... maybe the queen was in love with prince charming, and then snow white stole him away? or maybe snow white caused the death of the hunter, whom the evil queen loved? i think that would be a great twist, especially if it makes snow white seem a little less perfect. i never did like those goody goody mary sues. can't wait to see where they go with the next episodes. i'd love to see more fairytales shown or even hinted at.


I'm really loving this show. It is so captivating! I love that the Storybrook characters have a small inkling of their alter-egos in fairy tale-land. And not being a fan of Horror, I do appreciate the fact that we are not shown blood and guts when a heart is cut out of a chest.
My only gripe is a teensy one: those apples were most definitely Red Delicious, NOT Honeycrisp, as Regina said. LOVE that Henry says, "Don't eat that!" and Emma tosses the apple away, just like that!
Will Snow White find Prince Charming in the real world??? Hope so!


Kudos. I agree. I have been a Grimm fan since childhood, when I realized the different (read: darker) versions of our beloved fairy tales. I've searched for copies of the books I read from my Grandmother's bookcase to read to my daughter. And we are thrilled to see this interpretation together. We've loved catching the subtle set comments, like the forest wall paper and school teacher's "cottage" and finding the counterparts in each world. Oh, Regina knows a lot, but Henry knows more! And Emma is so captivating to watch as she has been slowly pulled into the drama by her heart. But she is cunning and strong...Regina truly must wonder what she's capable of. If it's canceled, our mother/daughter time is gonna suffer!


I absolutely Love this new show. In my opinion Regina does not remember anything, otherwise why read the book with such interest? Now our friend Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) does. I think he worked it out somehow otherwise why bother making her promise she would listen to him? Though why he would bring Henry to Storybrooke knowing it would eventually lure Emma is beyond me. Many many questions left to be answered but I eagerly await it!!! Bravo!


I'd been looking forward to this show since I saw the first trailer. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it. So far so good!


I am really starting to like the twist of this show. Not all people realize that the original fairy tales are much darker than the Disney versions we are used to. Kudos! Looking forward to more.

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