Once Upon a Time Review: The Price of Power

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Where does one get curses these days? Well, apparently they come with a pretty hefty price tag. The cost? Simple, it's "The Thing You Love the Most."

Once Upon a Time gave us a great second outing here, as we looked back at what it took to make The Evil Queen's curse come to life. 

Regina vs. Emma

The curse. First off, it looked like curses were bought, sold and traded amongst our fairy tale friends. The Evil Queen paid Maleficent a visit to procure the one she needed.

I'm not sure what was more distracting: Maleficent's hair or the special effects during their fight scene. I could have lived without both and I thought the appearance of Maleficent could have been put to better use. The one high point was when the Queen called Maleficent her only friend. You could hear the loneliness in her voice as she said it. It almost made me feel for her.

Of course, any good will that vulnerable moment provided was quickly dashed when she cut out her father's heart... literally. Power trumped love but did she realize she was naming her adopted son after the parent she murdered? It's still hard to tell how much Regina remembers from her fairy tale days.

Just when i thought Rumpelstiltskin couldn't get any creepier, he did. I'm not sure what made my skin crawl more, his eyes, that skin, or the crazy voice. The entire package screams run while you can.

Emma and the Regina throw down. Back in Storybrooke, the gloves came off and neither woman was backing down. The Mayor continued to set Emma up. She had her flogged in the press, then had her set up for theft and arrested. Finally she tried to make her look bad in Henry's eyes.

But all of that had the opposite effect on Emma. She's not the type to turn tail and run when threatened.

I love these two women. They're both strong and smart. Talk about a well-matched fight between good and evil. Neither one's willing to back down and that's what makes this so much fun.

Who loves Storybrooke? Who are the set designer on this show? I could spend all day deciphering the backgrounds of each scene. Did anyone else notice the forest wallpaper in the Mayor's office? Just watching them sit in the room gave me the disturbing feeling of being lost in the woods. It was subtle but ominous at the same time.

Favorite scene: I couldn't help but cheer when Emma took a chainsaw to the Regina's beloved apple tree, then looked her in the eye and told the Mayor she had no idea what she was capable of. Your move, indeed.

And once again Once Upon a Time left us with plenty of questions. Is Emma still playing along with Henry or is she starting to believe? How did Rumpelstiltskin procure Henry? How much does he recall and how will he factor into the future of the curse? And more importantly, what will The Evil Queen's next move be?


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Amazing! I do believe that Regina and Mr. Gold remember EVERYTHING. I also feel that Emma is starting to believe instead of just playing along with Henry. I can't wait until next week!!


Episode 1.2: Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Any little feeling of trepidation I had about this show from the pilot was just blown away. Excellent, excellent ep. Some surprises, some twists, and some certain people getting their backs up and fighting back. A lot of advancing of the mythos, some interesting teasing of back stories, and again, fantastic visuals. Maleficent (my favorite villain of all time) makes a startling, if too brief appearance with an… odd sidekick. And who didn’t chuckle at the gnome statue?? Still curious as to how much Regina remembers. I think not fully, but she has an idea... The look on hr face at the end could be that she was fighting to say no to Mr. Gold, and was confounded as to why she could not. Say "please"! My rating: 9 + 1 (for fabulous visuals) = 10


Jennifer Morrison es impresionante!!!nada que ver con House

Allison berry barbieri

Oh yes, and I also agree that the set design is inspired and brilliant...love how "Snow White's" home in our world is cozy and cottage-like!


I never really understood the "kill what you love the most" thing in fairy tales. It would cut down on the enjoyment levels if the witches have to use their own hearts in their spells, wouldn't it?

Allison berry barbieri

My suspicions were confirmed, not concerned. Sorry.

Allison berry barbieri

I'm really starting to like this show..I hope it doesn't get canceled like so many other good ones! However, I do disagree with the author of this review in wondering how much Regina remembers of her life as an Evil Queen...I get the impression that she remembers every last detail...and my suspicions were even more concerned when Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin)asks Regina to move and whispers "Please"...a nod to the deal that she would give him anything he asked in the new land as long as he said..."Please". The look on her face as she realized he might remember... Yes, I believe they both remember EVERYTHING very clearly.


Another week, and I'm still intrigued by Once Upon a Time. Then again, I've always loved fairy tales. Also, I second that note on the set design as well: just spectacular.


love the vibe of this show and look forward to next week's installment!!!!!


Another really good episode. I'm loving this show more and more. I'm enjoying how each episode surfaces more questions that make you want to find out more. No doubt, Rumpelstiltskin is the most eerie character. There's so much about this character that we're yet to find out and it seems like he's full of ulterior motives.

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Since when were apples a threat?


The fact that you have now threatened me twice in the past twelve hours makes me want to stay more.