Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Who's Coming? Who's Awakening? Who's Emma Swan?

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Once Upon a Time debuted on ABC last night, taking viewers into the fairy tale-based world of Storybrooke, Maine. Read our review of the high-concept series NOW.

Where does the unique show go from here? What other well-known characters will fans soon meet? Executive producer Steve Pearlman offered up a few spoilers and teasers in a recent interview with EW, excerpts from which are below...

Look for equal time to be spent in both universes most week, with the first act typically dedicated to fairy tale characters.

Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, among others, are on the way. Pearlman says Snow, Charming and Emma may be considered the main players, but the series wants to "branch out" and tell many stories at once.

The November 6 installment will serve a a prequel to the premiere.

Prince Charming's real-world counterpart will soon be awakened from his comatose state.

Jennifer Morrison says other folks in town will shed light on Emma: "She ends up revealing parts of herself through their stories. She kind of has a slower, steadier revelation of who she is, whereas some of the other characters will have a whole episode that’s their flashback.”

As teased in the promo above for next Sunday's episode, viewers will soon learn a lot more about the Evil Queen and her ties to Snow White.


I think Regina is the wicked whitch of the west
And Henry is Pinocchio
Mother superior is tinker bell
Mr gold is the huntsman


I believe Emma could be the swan princess. And the Alice and Wonderland theory is a great point it. I believe both could be huge possibilities. And her name does mean universal, so she could be like snow, where she played the siren, snow, and Mary Margret. But definitely swan princess and Alice for sure are top theories


I think that Emma Swan may infact be Alice in wonderland. It makes sense because Alice was the only one in a fairy tale who actually wasnt a fairy tale character. She was from the real world and fell into wonderland, much like Emma. Also, Emma doesn't believe she can be the hero, but finds out she can, she also is given a sword to kill the dragon, much like Alice when she had to kill the jabberwockey. The thing that really bothers me though about my theory, is that Alice woke up and realized it was all a dream, or so she thought. And by Emma wrecking while leaving storybrooke, then the page of the book just happening to linger on alice in wonderland, then her waking up in a cell with no memory of leaving her vehicle makes me think that all of this could in fact be a dream. And by it being by the creaters of Lost, I wouldnt doubt that at all.


I'm gonna have to disagree with Ida's guess on who Dr. Wail is. I have a feeling he's Monstro from Pinocchio, though, Ida, you have the dick part right. LOL Monstro was just that!


Emma is Goldilocks! In episode 6, the sheriff brings her pastries. And she says: "You're very lucky you bought a bear claw"


Margaret - Snow White
John Doe aka David Nolan - Prince Charming/aka NOT prince charming but his twin brother cuz James Charming died and Prince Charming took his place... uuh... yeah? uhuh - me two!! Mr. Gold - Rumpelstiltskin
Sheriff Graham - The Huntsman
Archie Hopper - Jiminy Cricket
Mario - Gepetto
Ruby - Red Riding Hood/Big bad Wolf
Granny - Granny
Regina Mills - Evil Queen
Stranger on the Motorbike /August?? - probably Pinochio...
Sidney Glass - Genie in the mirror/ mirror on the wall
Ashley Boyd - Cinderella
Shawn Herman - Prince Thomas who forgets what Cinderella looks like, though she's the love of his life...
Eva and Nicholas - Gretel and Hansel
Kathryn Nolan - Abigail (Midas Daughter)
and well... that's about all I've figured out so far...
Though I think I know who Doctor Whale is... if it's got anything to do with the likes of Sylvester GLASS he might just be MOBY DICK, he's one big dick for sure, I never liked him lol.... XD


Emma Swan = Alice in Wonderland -- isn't that exactly what's happening to her now? She's "fallen down a rabbit hole" and nothing is what it ought to be.


A lot of good points here, the fact that Emma can tell when someone is lying points to the fairy in Pinocchi. Emma's pendant and her last name "Swan" kind of leans toward the Swan Princess and then you have Emma in a strange town that she doesn't quite understand with an "Evil Queen" who has a collection "Hearts' which is Alice in Wonderland. Now Jane's theory is very intriguing that Emma may be more than one character because her name means "Universal" but I honestly think that is pushing it a bit for such a great show, still a very good theory and I love it. In all honesty I don't want to know who Emma is, I like being titillated don't you?


Emma is both the Swan Lake princess, Odette and the princess from fairy tales about a "sleeping beauty", whose name is not the same from story to story. The name Emma means universal, thus she is a blend of both characters, but it also expresses sleeping beauty's anonymity in Perrault's version of the story and the fact that she has so many names throughout the various versions. Her last name, Swan expresses her connection to Swan Lake, but it should also be noted that the Swans in Swan Lake were totally beautiful...sleeping beauty! Plus, the stories are very similar. You'll note that Emma Swan wears a pendant engraved with a swan as was given to Odette by her future lover (at least in Disney's "The Swan Princess"), but in original tales about sleeping beauty, she also receives a gift/token to remember the father of her child. Both stories end up with the couple together at last. My question is, does Henry have a twin sister that we don't know about? Maybe Emma thinks that the child died and that plays into the disconnection between her and Henry's father. He probably doesn't know about the child, but Emma obviously thinks he's a good guy because she lied telling Henry that his father was a hero, and so she was likely convinced by someone connected to the father's family that it was the best thing to give the child up for adoption. I like what one person wrote that she kissed Henry before giving him up and it protected him from being enchanted by the evil witch, his mother the mayor.


I think Emma is Alice. Because the evil queen collects hearts like Graham's. I have this feeling it'll end up that maybe this is all one big dream for Emma. And when Henry helps her figure out who she is then she realizes in real life what she was doing when she was deciding to give Henry up. Lol. I only say that because the same people who did lost ate doing this show. And we all know how that ended !!

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