Psych Exclusive: On the Green Carpet with James Roday!

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TV Fanatic is officially getting Psyched up for the return of one of our favorite shows.

Indeed, Psych kicks off season six on October 12 with "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader," an episode that I had the pleasure of screening in New York City last night during a Psych Fan Appreciation event hosted by the good folks at USA.

I also had the honor of chatting with every cast member on the green - yes, green, it's Psych! - carpet prior to heading inside the theater. Look for at least one of these interviews to be posted every day on TV Fanatic leading up to the premiere, starting now with Mr. James Roday. Below, he dishes on what's to come for Shawn on season six, along with his favorite Pinkberry flavor:

As for Roday's favorite television site? Do you really need to ask?!? This star is a TV Fanatic, folks!

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@Marcos That's a great question, but I wouldn't be too worried about filming. They'll figure it out, and it probably has a lot to do with what the Network decides they want for the show. Let's do what we can to make sure they get another season!


Great interview! But i am confused, James said that RDS may not be doing another play until the spring and that is usually when they start filming the new season of Psych. Do you think they will start filming later next year due to the show changing from the summer to the fall? I wish you could have interviewed James and Maggie together they are such a great couple and i am such a huge Shawn and Juliet fan, so glad they are together this season!


I wouldn't worry about that! This is a happy show. I think our favorite couple will be fine!


oh no, shules is breaking up!!

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