Sons of Anarchy Preview: Is [Spoiler] Dead?

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There was just no other way. Running is not an option. He couldn't live with himself anyway... that's where it all just crumples for him.

So said Theo Rossi to TV Guide today, after Sons of Anarchy viewers watched in sad shock last night as Rossi's Juice appeared to hang himself from a tree located, appropriately, over Miles' unmarked grave. The choice between heading to prison as a rat and turning his club's drug trade over to the authorities was an impossible choice for the character to make.

But did his suicide attempt succeed? Most fans heard a tree snap just as the final credits rolled on "Fruit for the Crows." Will Juice be lying on the ground when we tune in for next week's "Family Recipe?"

The following promo doesn't give that spoiler away, but it does focus on a nervous Tara and a threatening Piney. Watch now:

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Ok i just went and watched it and YES at 6 seconds you see Juices mohawk hes in between happy and bobby. i had to pause it like 10 times cause it kept looking like happy but its super quick shot of his mohawk!!!!


wikipedia has Juice's first and last episode listed in his info. They also refer to him as "was on SOA". But if I missed the tree branch breaking....wooo hooo. I was sad to see him go, but better by his own hands than that of the club!


I think juice put the patch on Miles cut,not his own.


I was watching it with caption on and at the very end it said branch cracks.


I saw him too. But it doesn't mean know Kurt!


Juice is alive. if you got to during the preview of the next episode if you pause it 6 seconds in you get a good shot of juice's profile


FWIW my prediction--and I'll be glad to be wrong because I'd rather the show be unpredictable--is that as Juice was obviously still struggling while half-suffocating, he falls to the ground still alive, and being (or at least coming off as) relatively religious, will take that as a sign from God that he's not supposed to die yet and will eventually work towards coming clean about his race. How the club responds to that, idk. It'd be too after-school-special-ish for him to reveal his secret in a heap of emotion and the club come to terms with it and accept him for who he is. I'd love for that to happen but it just doesn't seem like it'd fit w/SOA. Just my 2 cents. Feel free to rip the hypothesis apart.


To the people still questioning whether Juice is alive or not based on the preview of next week's episode...I just caught up with this week's and was extremely disappointed to notice Juice sitting at his normal spot--to the left of Bobby, 2 seats left of Jax, and 1-2 seats to the right of Happy. If you pause the screen, you see Happy's back and bald head at an angled view, and can easily see Juice's head, mo-hawk and all, with the faint lines for his head tatoos, after Jax yells and right as the shots are fired. He is not dead, and I'm fine with that, but I am not fine with them giving that away in the preview. Just incredibly disappointing.


People Juice does NOT die. If he did, how could he be in the finale?
And I think Piney dies....If you follow Kurt, you can piece some stuff together. Like the finale involves a veterans funeral (Which I guess could be Clay too), SWAT and a courtroom.


fyi- im pretty sure based on the similarities between hells angels mc and SOA that the "men of mayhem" patch means he has killed/taken a life and it was seen or proven by a full patch member...notice how when piney was putting the bullets in the gun in the ending he doesn't have the "MOM" patch, yet he's definately a full patch and also first 9, a founder....just sayin..

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