Sons of Anarchy Preview: Is [Spoiler] Dead?

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There was just no other way. Running is not an option. He couldn't live with himself anyway... that's where it all just crumples for him.

So said Theo Rossi to TV Guide today, after Sons of Anarchy viewers watched in sad shock last night as Rossi's Juice appeared to hang himself from a tree located, appropriately, over Miles' unmarked grave. The choice between heading to prison as a rat and turning his club's drug trade over to the authorities was an impossible choice for the character to make.

But did his suicide attempt succeed? Most fans heard a tree snap just as the final credits rolled on "Fruit for the Crows." Will Juice be lying on the ground when we tune in for next week's "Family Recipe?"

The following promo doesn't give that spoiler away, but it does focus on a nervous Tara and a threatening Piney. Watch now:

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fyi- im pretty sure based on the similarities between hells angels mc and SOA that the "men of mayhem" patch means he has killed/taken a life and it was seen or proven by a full patch member...notice how when piney was putting the bullets in the gun in the ending he doesn't have the "MOM" patch, yet he's definately a full patch and also first 9, a founder.


The big question about Tara is, is she a live, dead, staying or going?


i saw the clip and he is 100% alive he is at the table you can see his head and tattoos and the branch did snap you can clearly hear


whoever asked what was on the was the needle and thread he just finished stitching on the anarchy patch....mayhem i believe full patch now....sad i really hope he lives he is my fave character


no that is juice. its like 13 seconds into it but you have to time it just right. when jax slides behind the black chair to his left look right about the chair in the doorway. there is 3 guys and you can see juice on the right bending down. tats and mohawk.


If you pause it at exactly 13 seconds, you can plainly see juices mohawk and tats....hes alive.


It is Juice at the table at church. He's sitting between Bobby and Happy. If you slow the video down enough and look at it frame by frame, in the first frame right after the white light box, you can see Juice sitting there at the table. I'd paste a picture, but can't do it here, or don't know how.


You're wrong Paultera that's not Juice at the table when the club house gets shot. There are no tattoo's on his head or a mahican. Not Juice.


i hate to say i told you so but on this site i predicted last week that juice would get messed over by the cops and would end up dead, he did the honerable thing and didnt give up his bros . tara can and will leave if it means protecting the kids-that might be why jack lets her go-but she aint out of the scene and wont be.
piney will force a confrontation UNLESS some big incident makes a TCB issue that takes precedent, remember the good of the club always comes first-piney is a serious cantidate for death and it could be natural-he is in bad health right
last is the officer challenge-a rare thing in real life,clay would be smart to let jax have it because of the pact between them-nothing really would change because you just dont ditch the cartel like that-they are stuck ,i predicted last week that it would bite them in the butt
war it the MC world is a serious and sad thing and i am sure will be depicted as such-esp given they have 1%ers as consultants, war would change everything- note this ALL issues would take a back seat to war


The thing by the tree was a sewing kit from when Juice put his Men of Mayhem patch on his cut. I am thinking Piney either kills himself or tries to kill Clay. After all he had put 2 bullets in his shot gun. I hope Jax finds out soon about the letters although it sounds like he isn't all to interested in the past anymore. I kind of feel like Jax is slipping away from his plan to get out. He seems to be "in" it more than ever recently. Tara will never leave. I don't think she would attempt it and IF she did Jax would be all over it. He wouldn't let her leave and he certainly wouldn't let her take the kids. I could see it becoming a situation very similar to his father's.

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