Terra Nova Spoilers: More Mythology, Deaths to Come

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Terra Nova takes a break tonight in favor of the World Series on Fox. But, prepare yourselves, fans: executive producers René Echevarria and Brannon Braga say their show is about to hit storylines out of the park!

Following a few stand-alone installments, Echevarria and Braga go into detail below about how the sci-fi series will soon rev up its mythology. Read the full interview at EW.com and enjoy the following excerpts now...

Sixer mythology will "culminate and be explored by the end of" the 13-episode first season, Braga says. Echevarria adds: "You’re going to see who sent them here and why, and it all comes to a head in the season finale."

The show will only visit 2149 sporadically.

New dinosaurs are on the way. One is described as a "shark on legs" by Echevarria, while Braga teases: "We have the biggest dinosaur we’ve done, the biggest in the fossil record. It looks amazing. We’re also doing an ancestral Komodo dragon."

There's no guarantee of a second season, Echevarria says season one will wrap up with "kind of a cliffhanger. Everything is played out. All the elements come to a head, it’s a two-hour finale. The 11th Pilgrimage is scheduled to arrive - and who’s going to show up? The Sixer stuff gets answered and explained. We also tee up a new mystery."

Oh, one final note, the producers preview: a beloved character is going to die before the end of the season.


I think that Wash will die because if you look at the trailer then you see her telling Jim to save his family and the way she says it it sounds like shes not going with him


The mom/doctor in this episode decides to teach her daughter a lesson about life and death by wasting resources and operating on a dino in an egg. Here's a better lesson on life and death... tell her why you and your cop husband broke the laws of 2149 and brought her (an illegal third child) into a dying world thereby assuring the deaths of many hundreds and thousands of human beings. It could also serve as a lesson in hubris, ego, selfishness and last but not least -- utter stupidity. If everyone did what these tools did humanity would be extinct. Never have characters been created with worse back story, and less deserving of empathy or sympathy or our attention. This show is good for only one thing - as a drinking game. Just have a drink at every implausible, ridiculous or gag inducing moment and you'll be drunk before the first commercial break. One caveat though. You booze bill will go through the roof.


I saw what other people wrote and i also like the show but please... Get another writer. Please get someone who can read and think.
Don't make us regret the wait.
There is potential so don't waste it.


I really like this show. I hope this has a season two as well. I agree, it's only the beginning of the 1st season, it has to work out some kinks. It definitely has potential and I look forward to new episodes.


This show has great potential, it should be explored. It is refreshing to finally see a show that is not based on reality ( at least at the present time ). There is enough reality in real life, coming at you from all directions. With Terra Nova and it's actors you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the story and escape the days events. Guys, don't follow the other's and fold the tent's just out of the starting gate. Go out and make your own tracks in the snow. Let us watch true escapeism, it is time.


I love this show. Please don't take it away!


I also love this series. I hope for a second seasons.


People can say what they want, i love this show. It takes a LOT to get me to be somewhere every week at the same time. The only two series to date that have kept me coming back for more were "Lost" and currently "The Walking Dead". I am glad to say Terra Nova is joining them on my list. My only gripe is the fox execs keep overriding its spotlight. 5 episodes in i believe, and two of them have been placed below sports. I want more Terra Nova!


Jim can throw himself headlong into a Carnotaur's mouth for all I care. So can Josh, and Maddie, and Shannon, and even Zoe. The only remotely decent characters in this abomination of a show are Taylor and Washington, and of course, they're probably the most "disposeable". Fuggin' "family entertainment".


Oh dear im not sure i find any character beloved yet! it takes time peeples. Jim is very attractive and on the fast train to belovedness. His son is as charismatic as a wet teattowel. His daughter is tres cute until she opens her mouth. His wife is...growing on me, but a bit uppity.

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