TV Fanatic Presents: Television's Sexiest Male Sidekick!

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We asked, you voted in mass and we're now excited to present television's sexiest male sidekick, by a landslide...


Mischa Collins Promo Pic

With nearly 7,000 votes cast, 36% of readers selected Misha Collins' character from Supernatural, easily giving him the victory over Christopher Gorham's Auggie (13%). No other nominee even earned a double-figure percentage. Look at the promo pic of Collins above. It's hard to take issue with this champion, isn't it?

Thank you to everyone who participated, but don't go too far: we'll run a poll for TV's Sexiest Female Sidekick on Monday!

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I love Cas! I want him back now!


Sexiest male could be any male on The Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder as Damon wins any sexy contest pants down ;)


the sexiest male well no doubt it's damon salvatore (ian somerhalder) . he is the only deserving one.


Knew he would WIN this. So why don't TPTB at Supernatural appreciate the immensity of Castiel's fan support or the Unlimited story potential for Cas to still be a part of the brothers lives even as a mere human?


of coz he is!!he just so hot!i voted for him


of course, he won!! COME BACK CASS!!


I just hope Sera Gamble and CW are watching! We want this sexy angel, Cas, back on "Supernatural" pronto and NOT just as a guest star!!


*Taps foot on floor, looks Ms Gamble* Do you get it yet ?


rightfully his!!!! i voted for him too!! Way to go Castiel!!!