TV Ratings Report: A Crash Landing for Pan Am

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Might ABC soon be canceling its second new drama of the fall? Pan Am hit a series low in viewers last night, just a few days after the network axed Charlie's Angels...

Harvey Fierstein on The Good Wife

8 p.m.
Sunday Night Football: 14.4 million
The Amazing Race: 9.3 million
The X Factor: 8.7 million
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: 7.1 million

9 p.m.
Sunday Night Football: 15.5 million
The Good Wife: 10 million
The X Factor: 8.55 million
Desperate Housewives: 8.2 million

10 p.m.
Sunday Night Football: 12.6 million
CSI: Miami: 10.5 million
Pan Am: 5.9 million

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Greetings all from London Town. Pan Am is just great! When you use to get on a plane and were treated LIKE A REAL PASSENGER!
Not now, you get on a budget and pay 10 Euros for a small can of warm Stella Lager and packet of peanuts. Uninterested flight attendants in horrid uniforms. Looking forward to more….Great Show!


PAN AM is wonderful, please ABC, keep on going with that great show that is different. We love it.


I agree withmost that Pan Am needs to find its niche. The show evokes memories of a gentler more romantic era when flying was an adventure and not a nightmare. Wouldn't it be terrific if we could go back in time for just an hour each week.


i really like the show. i hope they keep it going. i also like desperate housewives.


no surprise here, i must admit it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be when i watched the 2nd and 3rd ep, but this is not the show i will cry over if it will be canceled.


My husband and I actually stop ourselves from even starting to watch new shows because the networks have such ridiculous expectations. They change the lineups and schedules every 30 seconds and you never know what is going to be on to know what to watch ANYHOW, and just when you start to like a show, they freaking cancel it.
We've been burned so many times we actually are afraid to like a new show. It's like being in an emotionally abusive relationship... with a network. Sad.
I am starting to like Pan Am. It was very, very poorly marketed - it's nothing like what they sold it to be - it's better. Give it a freaking chance, ABC!


I love Pan Am and the character development is gaining momentum...I hope ABC is patient with the's way better than most shows on TV.


Same here. I was beginning to like the characters. It seems like networks don't (or can't) give a show time to finds it's audience.


Bummer. I actually am just starting to like Pan Am. It always takes time to build characters. Hopefully ABC will keep it going.


I have the first three episodes queued up in Hulu, but haven't made time to watch them, since there are so many other shows to choose from.