Vampire Diaries Producer Previews the Return of Bonnie, Interaction with Anna and More

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Julie Plec knows how to dole out a solid tease. This Vampire Diaries producer is the woman responsible for the recent Forwood baby rumor, after all.

So, what can Plec tell us about this week's "Disturbing Behavior?" What can fans look forward to as a follow-up to last week's fascinating Chicago flashbacks? In the following promo, she previews...

  • The return of Bonnie.
  • More interaction between Jeremy and Anna.
  • Elena's friends questioning her about Damon.
  • Klaus questioning his sister about her necklace.

There is also new footage featured below, so what are you waiting for? View now!

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Hvis jeg var Elena, havde jeg dreppot dem begge to og hoppet i armene på Matt! Han er simpelthen for nuttet


oops! meant roadtrip with KATHERINE!! great to see her still there and how could i FORGET about FORWOOD! sexy and tender love scene!!


i LOVED this episode one of the best by far i think. loved seeing bonnie back and glad jeremy finally told her the truth about seeing anna and shut her out. as much as i liked anna and jeremy when she was alive i'm a hardcore BEREMY fan now and i don't want to go back, but i'm sure this will keep us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens. i think vicki could come back now anna is being shut out and i'm very intrigued as to why they have been sent to warn jeremy about something. also hated the ric/damon bromance crumbling and the bill/caroline scenes... they were sad but i guess good direction for the show. loving the klaus storyline and the return to mistic falls and WOULD elena just admit she loves damon already?! also like that damon is on a road trip with damon tho she asked stefan first! lmao this show is THE best on tv right now. impatientally waiting for next week xx


okay vicki needs to go away she's reckless and selfish and anna she just want her mom I liked pearl shame what happened to her. I don't know where the writers are going with this SL but I'm hoping it's not just a void they are trying to fill.I love jeremy and bonnie together Lord knows what runs inside the writer's minds. I'm excited with the whole original episode and elijah I miss him,I wonder how him and rebecca interact.


~KayLa~....I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anna and Vicki need to leave. Let's not forget that Vicki first showed interest in Jeremy for drugs, then dissed him for Tyler, and Anna was just using him to get her mother back until she actually realized he was a good person. Bonnie actually loves Jeremy back. Not to mention she is actually good for him. If they break them up over someone who's already dead ...


More Caroline.
More Tyler.
More Katherine.
Less Elena.
Less Jeremy.
No Bonnie.
No Matt. GIRL I WANNA HUG U!! ... well but if there would b more Jeremy then also more Anna who i like very much :]


Okay, for one, they should make a spinoff just on the '20s flashbacks. I would totally watch it. Very very good. And I'm a little obsessed with the 20s anyways. Very glad Bonnie's coming back. I'm getting tired of seeing her character abused. Only used when needed, then just disappearing at random with no explanation. Kat is a really good actress, and I want to see more. She was a main character in season 1, and then in season 2 she came as a badass witch, which was AWESOME....and then she just dropped off the face of the earth? The Jeremy thing is plain creepy...I'm still waiting to see what happens. But how does he know he can trust Anna? Maybe it's Vicki he can really trust, and Anna is just trying to stop Vicki...Just speculation, theres not enough to actualy come up with anything. Elena's friends questioning her about Damon...I'm going to assume it's because of his obvious feelings for her. If so....ABOUT DAMN TIME, thats all i have to say. Klaus questioning his sister about the necklace....well you didn't expect him to just say "Okay, its gone, lets go find it!" without asking his sister if she remembers anything and why it's so important to get it, why they cant use anything else.


@Aquariuz (=liarsunited)
Amen to that!! i hope they hear you!


YAI! This episode looks so promising! And I especially look very much forward to see more of Stefan teaming up with the 2 hottest originals! Way to go!

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