Will Bailey and Ben Couple Up on Grey's Anatomy?

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Is there any chance that Ben - who was brought back into the fold on last week's Grey's Anatomy (the upside of Off the Map being canceled) - will get back together with Bailey on Grey's Anatomy?

"There's no telling with Bailey," Chandra Wilson tells E!, then hints at where Bailey's mindset is now:

"But here they all are in the same workplace. How many can you juggle? Let's just put it that way."


Jason George Returns!

As for what's next for another couple - specifically, why Cristina Yang is cooking in the promo for "Love, Loss and Legacy" - it hasn't been good for Owen and Cristina so far. But brighter days lie ahead.

Sandra Oh revealed that there was a "romantic storyline" involving Owen (Kevin McKidd) in an episode she recently shot, and in it, Cristina looks "as feminine as we've seen her in a long time."

Make of that what you will, and comment below!

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Bailey always seemed to revel in the moral highground in the fact that she didn't use the hospital as somewhere to have liasons with men.That's no longer true and Der seems to have acquired a lot of knowledge as to where Bailey and her present bf hang out to do the 'nasty nasty'
Now it's knda being hinted that she's gonna two time the nurse with the gas man. Noooo! I'm kinda hoping it's all gonna unravel around her, cos everyone runs scared of her. I also know Bailey is gonna make Mer's life hell in th e next few episodes, so I'm really going off Bailey altogether


why Cristina's cooking? Celebrates their 1st anniversary? hope so!
what she cooked for Owen? who taught her? Owen's Mon?


i don't care about the Bailey story, but i love Cristina, so i'm looking foward to her being all girly


this guy may look good but he's a TERRIBLE actor ...completely wooden, just -- ick ... and don't we have enough triangles and love stories going on? I don't really care about Bailey's love life, there is too much else I love about her to have to fit this in too ... god I wish this writing would get better!!


love cristina


Bailey with these two gorgeous men??? only on tv. it's ridiculous.


I'm kinda bummed that they are trying to make Bailey out to be a "player". She is one of my favorite characters and one of the only stable characters on the show. I like that she would always shake her head at the craziness of everyone else's life and now her life is turning into the very thing she used to scorn. I understand that she needs to have some fun and romance, but I feel like giving her a love triangle is completely against her character.


Why are you guys saying everyone is ragging on Cristina. She is one of my favorite characters! :)


People need to leave Cristina alone! She fell in love with Owen. She married him to be simple. She wanted to be a simple woman. Watch season 7, episode 1 if you wanna know why she decided to marry Owen, aside from the fact she loves him.
As for Burke, he made her into someone she wasn't. He changed her personality over completely. The only thing Burke was good for was helping Cristina with her surgical speciality and that she should never change who she is for anyone.
Cristina could have many reasons for acting more like a lady. She's probably trying to tiptoe around Owen, like he is with her since the abortion or she's trying to get them back on track.
Aside from that, I'm not sure if I wanna see Bailey with Eli or Ben. LOVE TRIANGLE ALERT!


Why is everyone ragging on Cristina. Leave the woman alone. How hard is it to change in a relationship? Really hard...and one shouldn't have to in a stable relationship anyway, but as we know, no one on the show has a stable relationship, so they have to work at it, both partners having flaws and doing things that are questionable, but do we have the right to call them self-centered bitches? No, because, that is nowhere near who Cristina is at all.

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