Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Heart in a BOX!

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In six sneak previews from this week's Grey's Anatomy episode, we get a sense of just how huge this medical mystery is going to be at Seattle Grace. It's a heart in a box, Yang! Think about it!

The aptly-titled "Heart-Shaped Box" (the show loves using song titles as episode names, and Nirvana also originated from Seattle) also features the return of a familiar face: George's mother.

Memories of George - overwhelmingly positive, unless you're Alex - flow from the doctors who knew him well, and even those who didn't. O'Malley reputation precedes him, even in death.

It'll be interesting to see where this goes. We can also look forward to the following:

  • Richard motivating Cristina in hilarious fashion.
  • On-call room action for at least one couple.
  • Jackson confronting Lexie about Mark.

Check out the clips from tomorrow night's Grey's and comment below:

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Who is the lady writer in this episode ---Heart in a box ---?
Is it Dianne Carrol ?


Hey Patricia I think the song in the end is "Looking for you again" by Matthew Perryman Jones and Zach Williams. This is the link in youtube:


Izzie didn't die. She just disappeared and not come back. She 'ran away' anyway, why did Meredith say she was going to do a septoplasty for Mrs O'Malley? Septoplasty is a nose job. Shouldn't it be a revision cholecystectomy? Seriously?


I please, please, please, need to know the song playing in the heart shaped box episode when Callie and Ms.O'Malley are looking at pictures together. its the second song from the end and it is Such a great song but I cant make-out the lyrics to find the song title; someone help identify this song please!!


who sang the song in the end? The closing lyrics were: I'm looking for you again.....who sings this?


You all are forgetting something.. This is a tv show.. Not real life.


How would u bring back izze? Didn't she die?


Bring izzie back, i need to no where life has taken her


I¡m in love with Alex, but I can't understand why is he still being an ass with George. They WERE friends, and for everyone, yes, when someone dies you remember him better than he was because you miss the good things, not the bad ones. And you DON'T describe them to other people in such a bad way. But most I can't understand why Chris and Mer don't show more affectionate about him. It's hard when a good friend dies.


Thankyou tvfanatic for putting the promos up. I've been having problems with accessing you tube the last few days, so to be able to check them here is a huge help