Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Heart in a BOX!

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In six sneak previews from this week's Grey's Anatomy episode, we get a sense of just how huge this medical mystery is going to be at Seattle Grace. It's a heart in a box, Yang! Think about it!

The aptly-titled "Heart-Shaped Box" (the show loves using song titles as episode names, and Nirvana also originated from Seattle) also features the return of a familiar face: George's mother.

Memories of George - overwhelmingly positive, unless you're Alex - flow from the doctors who knew him well, and even those who didn't. O'Malley reputation precedes him, even in death.

It'll be interesting to see where this goes. We can also look forward to the following:

  • Richard motivating Cristina in hilarious fashion.
  • On-call room action for at least one couple.
  • Jackson confronting Lexie about Mark.

Check out the clips from tomorrow night's Grey's and comment below:

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Thank you @lara, that was the point I was trying to make, and you were a lot more succinct than I managed to be.


i KNEW people were going to get all 'i hate alex coz he doesn't like george'. yes, george is dead, yes it is terrible how he died. but alex didn't like him. i hate when someone dies and suddenly everyone makes them into a saint. alex is not required to like him just because he passed away. alex is honest- he was not friends with george, and found him annoying. i also found him annoying, self-righteous and kind of pathetic at times. of course i was sad when he died- if you remember alex was sad too, but it doesn't mean he has to pretend to like him


George was not a saint. He cheated on Callie (and please don't give me the whole "he and Izzie loved each other" line, it's still wrong). He continued to hold out hope for Meredith despite knowing she was in love with someone else and then slept with her knowing how emotionally fragile she was (not that she doesn't bear some blame in that). When he failed his intern year, he stopped hanging around with the core group and started hanging around with other interns, then when he passed, he dumped the other interns as friends and went back to the core group. Overall I really liked George. He was a good character and he was a great counter-balance for Alex. However I think it's unfair to both of them to pit them against each other. So Alex doesn't remember George as fondly as Meredith and Cristina do. I bet Derek doesn't remember Addison as fondly as Mark does. This idea that because Alex is willing to admit that he wasn't George's biggest fan that he's a total ass has been proven over and over again to be untrue. All that said, I do miss George, even if I found him obnoxious and self-righteous at times. He was a sweet and caring doctor with a legitimate interest in patients. I disliked Izzie on the whole, but her friendship with George was one of my favorite parts of the first several seasons. He was generally supportive of his friends and obviously cared about people as a whole, instead of just their medical issues (a flaw that Cristina struggles with).


See that is why I HATE alex... that piece of shit is a 2nd rate surgeon at best. I think that he was jealous of george because he is half the man that george was. he was closer to izzy, mer and christina, well loved by mcdreamy, burke, bailey, owen, richard and even cold hearted erica hahn. I really hope that Alex doesn't get the paeds fellowship! I am going to be tweeting to shonda everyday until the finale!


p.s. even after years Alex is being a son of a bitch about George, he did nothing but good for Alex, and whne i think i like alex there is always something coming up and hate him again and even more


evelyn, you're not alone in this, they should bring back burke, izie, george (like in flashbacks) may be bring izie for good, but we all know shonda and she is not going to do what we crave for :(


What a great idea, Evelyn! I would watch it too!


Dear Shonda, This is a request to bring back Dr Burke for at least one episode even if am the only one who will watch it. Thank you. I need closure.

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