Once Upon a Time Promo & Clips: How Charming...

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Are you ready to flashback, Once Upon a Time viewers?

This Sunday's new episode will take viewers on a trip to when Snow White first met Prince Charming. How did their initial interaction go? Here's a hint: Snow gave the Prince that nickname. In jest.

The third installment of this hit ABC series will also feature Mary Margaret visiting John Doe at the hospital at the request of Emma. Look for her to read to the unconscious patient. And then what?!? Watch the following promo and two clips from "Snow Falls" to get an idea...


I'm in love with this show! Can't wait for this Sunday's episode!


One of the best TV Series this season.


starting to like this show... from all 30 shows that premiered this fall, this is one of the most original adapted stories... hope it doesn't end like lost tho...


Those clips are all shades of awesome!!! Love me some "Once Upon a Time"!


GREAT CLIPS! i am excited cant wait for sunday!!!


This episode looks so awesome!! I cannot wait; I already love the show.

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Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: What are they now?
Hook: A reminder that all sins can be forgiven when someone loves you and I was absolutely wrong before. I love you Emma Swann, no matter what you've done.