Once Upon a Time Review: Fairy Consequences

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Magic comes with consequences, especially if you don't read the fine print. "The Price of Gold" drove home the saying that no good deal goes unpunished, not in Storybrooke anyway.

What was up with Rumpelstiltskin and his penchant for babies? The guy's creepy enough; now add that particular fetish into the mix and it borders on macabre. The skin, the eyes, the unwashed hair? Who wouldn't cross the street if they saw this guy coming, but I suppose desperation makes people do stupid things. Cinderella was clearly desperate, especially after he killed her fairy godmother. Not that was just unfair.

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So was Mr. Gold some sort of strange underground baby broker? He somehow procured Henry for Regina. What was his plan for Ashley's child?

Ashley/Cinderella wasn't the brightest girl, but at least she was spunky. With the help of Ruby (and can those shorts get any tighter? Oh, nevermind.) she decided to try and outrun Mr. Gold. But, as Henry pointed out, no one leaves Storybrooke without dire consequences.

I kept comparing Cinderella's prince to Prince Charming and it made the new prince hard to like. He seemed okay in the fairy tale world but in Storybrooke he was just some kid who let his father push him around. I know the magic was meant to be the cause, but viewing the prince as a deadbeat dad made it difficult to feel for him no matter what the circumstances.

We really didn't get to see much of Regina in this episode, although I enjoyed what little we did witness. Who else could tell you to enjoy your cocoa and make it sound menacing? It was nice of her to tell Henry exactly how long he had to run around town before she got back from her little rendezvous. Also, Henry losing his shoe on the staircase was a really nice touch.

I couldn't say that Regina's affair with the Sheriff was a surprise. I've suspected it since the first episode. It always seemed like he was around a little too much for it to be strictly professional. But this didn't appear to be a love affair... so was it just sex or does Regina hold something over him? And what will Regina's reaction be when she finds out her boy toy just hired her arch enemy? Yeah, that could get messy.

In the end, I was surprised that Emma fell into Mr. Gold's clutches so easily. Then again, she doesn't believe in the curse or Storybrooke's alternate fairy tale universe so there's no reason for her to think that owing this man a favor could have unforeseen consequences.

I wish there had been fine print like there was for Cinderella. Emma would have been smart enough to read it.


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I really enjoy this show. It's one of the few things I see as soon as possible.
I don't get the hate for Cinderella. She was just trying to change her life, she didn't know.. I liked her and her prince, hope we see them again!


Cinderella was the same in both worlds. She was desperate to change her life, and did stupid things along the way, in BOTH scenarios. However, we saw the happy ending in Storybrooke with her prince coming back to her and their baby, but in fairy tale land, he is gone....how can this be? Both people are in both places, and i have a feeling that if they are dead in one place, they are dead in the other type of thing, so somewhere Cinderella's prince is out there in fairy tale land.
I must be one of the few in the minority who enjoyed Cinderella's character in this show. She is always portrayed as a docile, simple thing, but I liked the fact that Cinderella was really just angry about her lot in life and wanted her shot to change, and although she made some poor choices, she did it. She was desperate and determined, not weeping in a garden over a pumpkin. I certainly hope we see some more of her as a recurring character in BOTH worlds, it would be nice. Plus they've got to wrap up the storyline with her prince...


Also, I really feel that Regina and Mr. Gold BOTH remember everything from the Enchanted Forest before the curse hit. The way he words everything makes me believe he knows, especially with the look on his face when he said "please" to Regina. Regina is too worried about Emma for it to just be about her not wanting to lose Henry. She knows EXACTLY who Emma is. And Mr. Gold knew that by arranging for Regina to adopt Henry that somehow that would lead Emma to Storybrooke. I guess we'll see if I'm right, which I normally am lol, as the show plays out all the twists and turns in this very detailed plot. I absolutely LOVE this show.


Is the sheriff supposed to be the evil queen's huntsman?


Also, the modern Storybrooke was in a frozen time loop of sorts because the clock tower didn't move until Emma decided to stay. The fact that the Queen adopted Henry as a baby and he's the right age according to Emma's timeframe as well is odd. That Henry has schoolmates with whom he's grown is odd. That Ella just gave birth to a baby she was pregnant with when she transitioned the curse is really odd. It would've made more sense for Ella to be visited by her grown child who did the same thing Henry did ... and came looking for the woman who gave him up. Ella may not have aged (since Snow's the same age she was when she transitioned the curse) but Henry's aged. He would've had to have noticed the other kids always staying kids while he did that ... and that he was the only one to notice. If that's why he's convinced the town's hokey, I'm with him. That would mean Ella really was pregnant all these years and her pregnancy only began to move forward when Emma started the clocktower moving. They have a lot of strings to tie together to make this work in the end. I'm curious how they'll navigate it.


I think Emma can leave Storybrooke because she was protected from the Queen's curse by that Magic Tree hollowed out by Geppeto. It was shown in the pilot that the baby left before the curse settled down over the kingdom. So, because she was protected, it stands to reason that the baby from her own body is also not affected. I also think the Mayor is acting on that old standby - keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. She knows that she can't control Emma outside of the town because her power is only supreme within it. I have no idea if the Mayor knows about Fairytale Land, etc. I'm referring to a purely political situation. The Mayor & Mr. Gold have no influence on people outside of Storybrooke. If Emma should leave, she could inform Maine authorities of possible illegal baby trafficking, etc. So, while Ms. Mayor SAYS she hopes Emma continues her transient lifestyle, she really wants to keep her close to prevent Emma from upsetting the apple cart. Pun intended.


First off, I figured out in the very first episode that the sheriff is the huntsman.
I too was disappointed in how weak Cinderella and her Prince were. Cinderella has always been one of my favorites, but OUAT plays her as a desperate clingy character.
I can't wait to see more on Snow and James!!! And to see how Emma and Henry figure everything out! Two weeks is too long to wai for the next episode! Dang Holiday breaks! Lol


@ AK: "Maybe the fact that Henry doesn't know who Mr. Gold really is will be key in Emma getting out of her deal with him. Remember in the stories the Miller's Daughter gets out of her deal by finding out his name; and Rumplestitlkin himself has mentioned the power of names..." That's brilliant...I hadn't thought of that at all. Makes a lot of sense.


Old school Rumplestiltskin ate babies. Humanized modern Mr. Gold isn't a cannibal so doesn't eat them. He still deals them, so under-the-table adoption deals that make him wealthy makes sense, especially when it's "gimme your baby" deal from fairy tale realm that carries over. Most likely, all deals he had in the works when the shift happened either have already concluded or are still on the table.


Henry says that Emma can leave with no consequences. But has anyone noticed that when she tried to leave in the pilot SHE got into a car accident? Sounds like a consequence to me!

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