Pan Am: Not Canceled by ABC?

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It appears as if Pan Am has been grounded permanently by ABC.

A new episode of the drama will air this Sunday (and is previewed below), but star Karine Vanasse Tweeted today that the cast and crew “received THE call [that] Pan Am is only coming back for one more episode after Christmas. But up to the end, we’ll give it our all.”

In a statement, ABC contradicts Vanasse, however. A network rep says:

"We are not cancelling Pan Am. We are still in production and will continue to be in production finishing the original thirteen episodes plus one more additional one. We have one more original episode this coming week... and then will return in January with the new episodes, airing all of them. Pan Am is still in contention for next season. We won't know about that until our upfront announcement in May."

GCB (with TV Fanatic favorite Kristin Chenoweth) will take over the 10 p.m. time slot on Sunday nights in March.


I enjoy the Pan Am series, very much, so I hope it will continue for quite some time. I have traveled on the Boeing 707, with excellent flight crews, although not PAN AM. The PAN AM series portrays the class and manners which some still practice and appreciate. The 1960s was a time when there was much promise for the future, improving the nation and the world. I would like ABC to show a bit more of the PAN AM Clipper in flight. My regards to other Pan Am fans. Carl, Northridge, Ca


No! They can't cancel it :(


I hope it really isn't cancelled. I really enjoy watching every Sunday. I find it is a quality show ...much better than the garbage found on t.v. nowadays.


For once that I get into a show (literally the first one since The Wire and Entourage), I can't believe they would cancel it. It is charming and delicious.
Please ABC, keep it on.


that's too bad i found it really great and it was much better than the other tv shows.i can't understand why they keep canceling great tv shows instead o shows like pretty little liars it has no sense !


By not cancelled they mean cancelled but we're too chicken to say that.


Show base around a time period are always hard to do that why they make better movies then shows


Just when it was really getting good. I will miss Sunday nights with the best looking flight crew ever.

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