Smash Music Video, Sneak Peeks: Katharine McPhee Covers "Beautiful"

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NBC is putting all its ratings eggs in the basket of singing, banking in 2012 on The Voice and Smash to turn around what has been an abysmal season.

And it may actually work, at least as far as the latter is concerned: I've seen the series premiere of Smash (which will air on February 6 at 10 p.m.) and it was my favorite new pilot of the season, just an intelligent, well-paced, well-acted, mature drama.

Below, Katharine McPhee helps hype the series via a music video for her version of "Beautiful," a song her character sings on the opening episode. Watch it now and also enjoy scenes from the series, which takes viewers backstage at a Marilyn Monroe-themed musical...

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This is not about Pia; I don't know why the Pia fans are even here and commenting about Pia. Pia didn't get the role, Kat did, and from many who've seen the pilot, she did great. This is a huge break for her and I wish her all the best.


I am so glad to be a Pia fan. She's beautiful, smart, and so nice to her fans. I also love that she was no Idol this year when Twitter is at its peak in popularity. It's a good thing for us that people just follow whatever has the most exposure at the time, and if that means 9th place, 10th place, 25th place Xfactor and American Idol contestants, then so be it. Win win for us fans. I am also a huge Clay Aiken fan, he is one of the most successful idol contestants of all time, and has sold millions of records. I only wish twitter was around during his season because now he only has a handful of followers.


Looks: Pia. Voice:Pia. Twitter:Pia. Head Start: Katherine. Grooming:Katherine. I think they both are nice and sweet girls. Pia is barely starting out though, Katherine has been around for a while. I have a feeling that Pia Toscano might have more staying power. McPhee looks so common and sadly that's a big problem, especially with a pretty but not astounding voice


Hey "markmywords" she broke up with her boyfriend before Idol, even he admits as much. Pia is a lot younger then McGoldDigger. She kills songs McPhee can only whisper. Pia should go after a rich guy in the biz, with that body she could pull a JLO but why would she have to with an actually voice?


Whatever, Pia will have her day. Mark my words. She's an ambitious little vixen. She might have broken up with her boyfriend immediately after Idol to hook up with some random dancer from Dancing with the Stars, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to stay in the limelight. That doesn't mean she shouldn't be taken seriously. Pia will be a megastar in a couple of years. Bank on it.


Pia has 100,00 more twitter followers. Pia is almost done with her first album to be realeased around the end of the year. I like them both but Ill be buying Pias stuff, which btw have been doing pretty well with no label promotion. Kats cute and "poppy", Pias sexy and "r & b"......most people wint like both. Men will follow Pia for her um "assets" but that's another thing entirely lol


Pia seems to be doing pretty well for herself. She's going to be starring in the upcoming movie The Expendables 2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit The Expendables. Oh wait, forgive me, how silly of me, that's Bruce Willis. Their identical man jaws throw me off sometimes.


McPhee did marry some baller to "break her into the biz"....lots of girls are cute and have a nice voice. Not as many are exotic and can belt a song like Pia. I wanna see Pia Toscano, not some golddigger who's mommy was her voice coach since she could speak.


Kat is cute and pretty, Pia is sexy and gorgeous. Kat cant belt obe out, Pia can. Why isn't Pia Toscano up there? Probably because Kat married that rich guy for a reason. Maybe hell buy her Pia Toscanos body too


Wait, WTF does this have to do with Pia Toscano? I'm confused lol! I like this version of Beautiful and I'm looking forward to Smash. I saw all the promos during the Macys Parade. Looks great! Oh and Katharine McPhee is gorgeous in this video

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Sam: Sauron himself, Derek.

Eileen: If that were a real Degas, what would you pay for it?
Julia: That? ... It is a real Degas.
Eileen: Yeah.

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