Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Season Four Finale Scoop!

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Simply put, I have seen both parts of the Sons of Anarchy season four finale - and they are each terrific.

Beginning tomorrow night, Kurt Sutter will bring this pulse-pounding season to a conclusion that, I can safely say, few will see coming. Significant decisions will be made, threats levied and at least one twist takes place that changes the game entirely.

So, what can fans expect? Consider these teases:

  • Someone will read Maureen Ashby's letters for the first time.
  • We will see Jax Teller naked.
  • Tara will attempt to out-Gemma Gemma.
  • Potter will make an important point... using a bag full of sex toys.
  • There will be a background reference to The Shield.
  • A death will possibly plant the seeds for a major season five storyline.
  • Opie will be faced with a significant decision.
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Don't forget juice is snitching so it could very well be him getting killed!


If Tea is going to "out-Gemma,Gemma," that very well may be Wendy going through that glass window.


Wayne will die most likely out of everyone.


AS long as Chibs is ok I am happy...lets see him w/o a shirt.


Anyone notice that at the beginning of the scenes from next week it shows Unser squated down in front of Clay in the shop? He was shot in the club house chapel and now he is down in the shop?


Kimbo That ain't gemma . Never seen her in a skirt like that . If you pause the video as she goes thru the window , then look out the window there's an overpass on the right side . So that scene isn't in Charming . My guess is its just an innocent bystander dodging the car .


I'd rather see some Opie nudity myself. If you want to see hot bodies, Ryan's arm porn alone should be considered lethal. I can only imagine the rest of him.


Naked Charlie Hunnam? Yes please.
But to be completely honest, I'm more interested in Tara trying to out-Gemma Gemma.... If that's even possible. And I wanna know who's death is imminent. If it's anyone other than Clay I will probably end up crying.


Charlie Hunnam is not 110 pounds.... He's all muscle. Don't be jealous Buck that you don't look that good.


Jaxes needs to take over chapter if trea a true olady she will stand next to her man

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

So is that why grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me?


We can't allow our hearts to be louder than our reason.