The Walking Dead Exclusive: Norman Reedus Teases "Darker" Times Ahead

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The Walking Dead isn't exactly a show known for its upbeat, sunny disposition.

But, following events from Sunday's midseason finale, Norman Reedus says life in this zombie-filled universe is about to get very dark. Isn't it already pretty dark, I asked over the phone.

"It's about to get even darker," the actor said. "For everybody."

Daryl Dixon Picture

"Sophia represented this other way of life to Daryl," Reedus explained, referring to the 12-year old who was revealed to be a walker in the final few moments of the 2011 finale. "She was his hope for a new new beginning. If he could find this little girl, he could put a lot behind him... with that gone, let's just say Daryl is gonna be really pissed."

Does her death signal the end of farm life for this cast of survivors?

"I think it's kaput, yes," Reedus said.

While The Walking Dead has enjoyed massive ratings, some have criticized the drama for moving too slowly throughout its opening set of season two episodes. Reedus isn't among them, but he does admit that he prefers action to conversation.

"I'm always moving on set," Reedus says. "I don't like to play this character with my two feet in the same spot for very long. I don't think Daryl is someone who wants to just sit and talk very much. He wants to get out there and do something."

Fortunately for Reedus and for millions of viewers, there will be plenty of opportunities for just that when season two resumes in February.

"The second half is just crazy," says the actor. "People are done talking. When we come back, trust me, there's nothing but fireworks."

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i needed be a face book friend help!!!! thanks #2 fan my son is the #1 fan he gotme hooked on it and ever one we know thanks sally


Holy crap for one I can't believe the last episode and two I luv Norman Reedus he is my biggest idol ever and I can't wait for the rest of the season I basically have all the episodes so far memorized I've watched them so much my friend says every time she goes in my room the walking dead is on not too mention my whole ten posters


They have to be moving on - I think the prison is next. Things were too upbeat at the farm, but the #$&% is about to hit the fan. In the comics they were only at the farm for a little bit, but they stayed for a while on the show. I have no problem with it - they had to change it up. But I can't wait until they leave the farm and start seeing trouble.

Sommerleigh pollonais

I've read the novels, so trust me when I say it can get a HELLUVA lot darker, if the writers want to take it there. For the most, I think they've only been following the novels in broad strokes (like True Blood). I for one hope they don't follow too closely, as it makes the series more enjoyable not knowing exactly what's going to happen.


Where is Feb? Can't wait to see the aftermath. Love Daryl. Hope they expand his character more.


He's at his best when he's dark.


I can't wait to see how dark it goes. Norman has such depth with his character. It's going to be refreshing to see how he is there for Carol, and how losing Sophia will effect the two of them and their relationship but the group as a whole. I see Daryl taking a liking to Carol romantically or not just because of the pain she's gone through and he can relate. Carol now has a boyguard that may be a bit unhinged at times but someone who would do anything for her. Go Daryl!!! Be the badass you were meant to be and show it comes from a good place deep inside. We love you Daryl!!!


I'm kind of looking for how dark can Daryl go too. I love that he is an action kind of guy. I do get bored with the soap opera of who got Lori pregnant. So fast moving action sounds really fun.


I am really anticipating Daryl's reaction to Sophia's death. Norman has brought such depth and emotion to this character it will be interesting to see how dark he goes with it. Based on his past characters it should be quite a descent into the abyss. And let's face it we're all about the action!! Go Daryl!!

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