TV Ratings Report: Disappointing Returns for FOX

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Did long hiatuses hurt Fox's Tuesday night schedule? Yes, based on one week of results, as neither Glee nor New Girl returned to strong numbers yesterday...

Blaine and His New Directions

8 p.m.
NCIS: 19.4 million viewers
Last Man Standing: 9.3 million/Man Up!: 6.4 million
Glee: 7.4 million
The Biggest Loser: 6.5 million
90210: 1.5 million

9 p.m.
NCIS: Los Angeles: 15.6 million
Dancing With the Stars: 15.2 million
New Girl: 7.5 million/Raising Hope: 5.5 million
The Biggest Loser: 6.3 million
Ringer: 1.8 million

10 p.m.
Unforgettable: 11.3 million
Body of Proof: 10.05 million
Parenthood: 5.3 million


Yay for RInger and 90210!


I thought New Girl was too esoteric -- meaning Zooey is playing her character as completely batty -- and was surprised by how well appreciated and how strongly praised it has been at TV Fanatic. What I've been watching for is Glee because this season is so completely different from the first 2 seasons -- much less music, much less comedy, lots of unjustified hostility, anger, and political agenda. I miss the fun and all the music and will keep watching the ratings just to see how it's going to go ....


Suprised by the size of the dip with New Girl...but Fox can only blame themselves. Hopefully the numbers will go back up.


I don't watch New Girl, but what did they expect to happen with the ratings after they took it off the air for a month?