TV Ratings Report: Series Low for Fringe

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Fringe delivered a tremendous episode last night, though you wouldn't know it based on the ratings for this Fox drama, which plummeted to a series low...

Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont on Fringe

8 p.m.
Kitchen Nightmares: 3.92 million viewers
A Gifted Man: 8.25 million
Chuck: 3.17 million
Extreme Make Over Home Edition: 4.21 million
Nikita: 1.9 million

9 p.m.
CSI: NY: 10.16 million
Grimm: 5.19 million
20/20: 5.58 million
Fringe: 3.07 million
Supernatural: 1.79 million

10 p.m.
Blue Bloods: 11.18 million
20/20: 5.87 million
Dateline: 4.9 million

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Also it was Friday of, what was for most people in America, a three-day weekend. Fringe's ratings always take a hit for things like that. They took a hit back in October when they went one on one with the start of the ALCS and NLCS on TBS and last spring when they went against the start of the NCAA tournament. So as long as the 7 day dvr thing works I think Fringe is ok.


If the ratings are low it's due to FOX! I had to give up watching this amazing show after they made us wait till after 8 days to view online. Then to add insult to the injury I can't view the episodes in full screen mode anymore. I had emailed fox and of course no response was given if they were going to fix this problem or not. The greediness of fox only allowing viewers with dish satellite or cable to view episodes right away has turned me off this network. I will just have to wait for the season to come out on DVD or buy on itunes, at least then fox won't be getting all of my money. Also I have quit watching fox all together because I'm so disgusted by their apparent greediness.


People keep comparing Grimm's ratings to Fringe's. They seem to have forgotten: Grimm is a new show, a procedural. Fringe is in its fourth season, and it's very serialized now. You can't just jump into Fringe at any time, which is unfortunately bad news for ratings. In fact, Fringe's pilot rating was around 9 million; Grimm's was about 6, so the comparisons don't really make any sense. I enjoy Grimm, and many other shows, but nothing begins to come close to how much I love Fringe, arguably the best show on television. Stuff like this make me sad. :(


I think the problem for Fringe is that a lot of people *don't* watch it as its airing on television. How can these numbers show the people, like me, who don't have cable and have to wait for it to show up on


i don't think Grimm would be a new hit and comparable to Fringe. Fringe's an unique show with great thespians!! it's always in the balance, that's made us curious and excited a lot about the storyline. so no worries, it will prove itself valuable!!


fringe is one of those tv series that makes you think and question about anything after watching it,this is an amazing show!


I would love to know how they actually get these ratings because there is NO way BUT it is ALOT higher than Supernatural so that goes to show that people that watch both shows are now watching Fringe over Supernatural!


What the hell! Fringe had its best episode of the season last night! This show deserves so much more.


Grimm seems to be a stand-alone kind of series.
And while I loved the first 4 episodes of season 4 , especially 4.02 and 4.04,
I am not sure about the last 2. Since deja vu was mentioned a couple of times in the last episode, may be that is what causes it, people want to see something new, not a rewinding of the clock or a replay.
That is why Over There succeeded, it was new, fresh.
After the great double Olivia act in 4.01 a nd 4,02 I was expecting much more Over There.


More people watched Chuck? Lame

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