Who is Hart of Dixie Gonna Call to Play Lavon's Father?

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Hart of Dixie fans will soon meet the man responsible for making Lavon Hayes Lavon Hayes.

Ernie Hudson - most recently seen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Grey's Anatomy, but forever known as Winston from The Ghostbusters - will guest star on a 2012 episode of this CW hit as Ernie Hayes, Lavon's father.

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No word yet on what, exactly, brings the character to Bluebell. But he won't arrive bearing good news for his son.

Hart of Dixie airs its final 2011 episode on Monday. Watch the official promo for it HERE.


its last 2011 episode, all the shows break for xmas period, so it will be back in 2012


Lol I only JUST got the pun in the title....because he was a Ghostbuster....anyway, looking forward to Ernie being on the show!


Jeez they're already giving the final episode! The show just started smt! Either way he looks like he'll bring some drama to the show


Wait why is it the final episode on Monday?!!!!!! I love this show....where is it going?!!


I loved him on Oz! I look forward to seeing him as Levon's father.


Last episode Monday??? no way. I'm really into this show. Love Zoey


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