Who Won Dancing With the Stars? The Fall 2011 Champion is ...

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After ups, downs, injuries, controversy and 10 weeks of ballroom battle, Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez and Rob Kardashian headed into the Dancing With the Stars season finale with one last chance to win it all.

Rob, surprisingly, held a slight lead heading into Monday night, with Ricki and J.R. in a tie for second just a few points behind. All three proved they were the cream of the Season 13 crop and then some.

But there could be only one champion.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff Pic
Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke Picture

J.R., Ricki and Rob vied for the Mirror Ball.

A dark horse underdog for weeks, Rob peaked at exactly the right time, turning in some truly outstanding performances and finishing the finals with the most points. Would that be enough, however?

It was enough to beat out Ricki Lake, but not J.R. Martinez, your DWTS winner.

"First and foremost, I want to thank everybody who voted for us, for 10 weeks," said the soap opera actor, motivational speaker and Iraq war veteran, who reserved his highest praise for partner Karina Smirnoff. "You are amazing, and I'm grateful that I could be a part of your first Mirror Ball trophy."

Karina's win was her first in 10 seasons as a professional.

"For one of you, that was your victory dance," Carrie Ann Inaba told J.R. and Rob after they performed instant sambas in round four (both were perfect). "But I think both of you are winners tonight."

Rob came in second, and after both he and J.R. scored 30s with said sambas, he ended up with a two-night total of 113, one higher than Martinez's 112. J.R.'s votes from fans put him over the top.

That's the way it goes, but if Kardashian was upset about it, he didn't show it. "I'm definitely not sad," Rob said, noting that he beat expectations all season long. "I already won in my book."

As for Ricki, who ended up in a somewhat surprising third? "I've loved basically every minute of this," she said afterward. "I had the best partner, the best teacher, the best motivator there is."

"I've accomplished something here that I really didn't think I could do."

And so it goes. We'll see you this spring for an exciting 14th season!

Did J.R. deserve to win Dancing With the Stars? Are you surprised that he edged out Rob? Who was your favorite dancer this season? Was this one of the best in recent memory? Tell us below!

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Rob K should of won!!!! He worked the hardest because he had to prove he could do it on his on merit. People are judjing him because of his family (which i think rock), but wake up people he did the dancing the physical work, I didnt see any of his family get up and dance for him!! Well done Rob you should of won. the winner i think was voted because he was a vet...how unfair :(


Here is my very late comment as I was out of the country for the final. JR is excellent but let's face it, if he were not disfigured and a minority, he would have come in second. Kardashian is a likeable young man, seems to lack the family's brashness. The fact that there was only 1 point between JR and K. is odd though. Perhaps there should be a recount! I had no idea who Ricky was but was very impressed with her hard work and progress. The best part about the winners is that Karina, one of my favorites, finally won.


Hi All,
This is a lil late, but I was glad to finally find out who won DWTS n THANKFULLY, it was NOT a KARDASHIAN!! BIG CONGRATS TO JR & Katrina, a well-deserved win. I was just sorry to see that Rikki didn't make it to the finals or wasn't in 2nd place, as she was very good from the start, just as JR was. These were the two to beat. Sorry, Rob but your mom & 3 older sisters have ruined your last name n I do hope the campaign to end the family show goes thru, as they're just like how Kate Gosselin (+ Jon G, initially) is. Do/expose/exploit everyone n anything for money & being on TV, forget family's integrity. And, I can't believe your mom is going to have lunch w/Kate Gosselin to give her advice on exploiting her kids, so she can be back on TV & most of all, earn a ridiculous amount of money off her kids vs raising them to have values n integrity, among many other things *rolls eyes*. Sorry, a reality TV show following a family around, doesn't make any one of the participants a true "star" or "celebrity" of anything. If you don't understand this concept, I feel sorry for you!! CONGRATS AGAIN JR-KATRINA & RIKKI-DEREK, you made it thru the 10 wks!! And Rob, you did improve over the weeks, I can't deny you that.


I think Rob should have won. Several people say Rob's not a star but he's on tv and a lot of people watch the show hes on so he is a star. A lso he is not like his sisters (They are also nice though) so people sould stop compareing him to them. J.R was also good but he messed up more than Rob and I think he got some extra votes because he was a vet and that wasn't very fair.




@Renee: your being sexist. Last season a female won. This isn't American Idol. JR isn't young by any stretch lady and he had half his body blown off. Wanna talk about childbirth? Ugh ignorance. Have an opinion great but don't back it up with b.s. JR beat Ricki with a bum ankle.


Of course JR deserved to win and that dick Kardashian should have taken 3rd place Ricki Lake was great - she should have beat out Rob who's connected to an infected family name.

Sue ann

I was very pleased that JR won. His dancing consistently moved me to tears -- it was as beautiful and graceful as Joe Montana used to be moving a football down a field in the last two minutes -- poetry in motion. I greatly admire him for rising above the trials and tribulations life has brought him -- he is a terrific person. The win truly could not have happened to a nicer guy. I was surprised that Rikki Lake made it to the end, based on her beginning, but she turned out to be almost always better than everyone but JR, and she deserved to make the finals, in my opinion. I would have placed her second, though. Rob Kardashian was the biggest surprise. I had never heard of him before he showed up on this program; I was aware of his sisters, but not in a good way. If they show up on something I am watching, I always turn the channel or shut off the TV. He was nowhere near as obnoxious as I expected him to be. And then he turned out to be somewhat of a regular guy, and he worked very, very hard. I think he deserved to be in the finals, too. But I would have placed him third. I did not vote in this season until JR sprained his ankle, and then I voted for JR the last two weeks. There have been a lot of seasons I enjoyed more than this one, and definitely a lot of seasons where I had actually heard of the contestants moreso than I had this season, but I enjoyed this one for what it was. And Carson is always a hoot -- they ought to have him come in once or so every season, if only for costume advice!


I just knew Ricky & Derek was go'n 2 win but I'm not as good @ pick'n winners as my boyfriend he's da best @ everything I love u Tyrone G.


I think they were all good dancers with their own style. However, I think Rikki Lake should have taken the Mirror Ball... third place, give me a break! Too bad they don't show the viewers vote...wonder why. When did the last WOMEN win on DWTS? Rikki @ 40+ you kicked those young boys butts.