Boardwalk Empire Boss Explains Season Finale Death, Teases Season 3 Time Jump

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's Boardwalk Empire season finale. Seriously. You've been warned...

On "To the Lost," this HBO drama delivered a true-game changer, as Nucky killed Jimmy Darmody, fulfilling the latter's first season prophecy that "you can't be half a gangster." Why did showrunner Terence Winter and his team go in this direction?

Winter tells EW it was a matter of taking developments to their "logical extreme."

Jimmy and Son

"Anything short of Nucky doing it himself wouldn’t feel real, it wouldn’t be real. And it would be a cheat for us to say, 'We want to keep our beloved character Jimmy Darmody alive,'" Winter said. "I wanted people to say [when it seemed like Nucky and Jimmy would reconcile], “Oh great, after all that, it’s all going to be forgotten and Jimmy is going to be back in Nucky’s good graces.” I wanted them to think right up to the very end that Nucky is going to forgive him and take him back. It was a really hard decision."

Looking ahead, viewers can expect to see a time jump that will elevate the status of Al Capone in Chicago. Regarding season three, Winter previewed:

"We’re thinking about 16 months and starting the [third] season around the beginning of 1923, then maybe run through the end of 1923. It was an exciting year. All the people who stockpiled liquor started to run out, so competition between bootleggers became really fierce."

Read Winter's full interview with EW now and sound off: What did you think of the finale?

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Now listen.... I watched this show faithfully, in fact the show was the only
reason why I kept HBO. When they killed off jimmy and his wife I could not believe it. Jimmy was the best character on the show, in fact 3 days later I cancelled HBO and never watched the show again until I switched providers and got HBO for free. I watched the first three episodes on demand hoping that somehow they could bring him back. The show is just not the same without jimmy, now this is just my opinion but I feel that the show was completely ruined when
they killed off jimmy and I will not be watching the series anymore. Terrible decision in my opinion and in sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Like I said I gave the show a chance for three episodes, it's just not the same I don't care about books...or history... or whatever these people are saying. Television is about entertainment and when you kill off the best character why keep watching..... RIP boardwalk empire.


For all thoughs people who say they wont watch this show becouse of jimmy are very very STUPID and know nothing about the histoy. First off BOARDWALK EMPIRE is based on a BOOK and guess what? JIMMY DIES IN THE BOOK. For all thoughs who say less people are going to watch the show now are so wrong they have know idea theres so much to cover. {{LUCKY LUCIANO= THE COMMISON}} {{AL CAPONE=St VALINTIES DAY MASSACRE}} JOHNY TORRIO, MEYER LANSKY, {{BUGSY SEGAL= BUILT LAS VAGAS}} FRANK CASTELLO, {{JOE THE BOSS MASSARIA & SALVATORE MARANZANO= CASTELLAMMARE WAR}} ECT. so much more its almost endless. Thats what there preping us for REAL EVENTS THAT ALL DID HAPPEN that cant fit in 1 movie but a tv show that will cover all these amazing moments. You people who KNOW nothing ABOUT it have know idea that all these real life people and events that all DID HAPPEN put together is BETTER THAN A FICTITIOUS JAMES DARMODY and dont realize how much of a genius these writers are that they made everyone fall in love with a a FICTITIOUS CHARECTOR just so they could kill him OFF IN FRONT OF YOU to prove a point HOW REAL AND DANGEROUS THE LIFE IS and that could of been anyone. Now the show must go on nd it will be 100 time better with all the true events that are about to unfold right before you very own eyes.


u r dumb


Don't understand why producers seem to forget that Eli betrayed Nucky as much if not more than Jimmy did. Will this be exposed in the new season or just overlooked as if it never happened?


I can't express how disruptive it was to see Jimmy Darmody whacked. I don't even think it's actually still worth watching. The only strong point of this show was Jimmy, Richard, A.C., A.R. and that wise crack Meyer. They could have just killed off Eli! So, he's a bitch and he'll always run back to Nucky. I mean, I would have thought they would have executed Jillian before Jimmy. I have to agree though with one of the comments about seeing Jimmy and his mothers' affair. Sick. That shit was just fucked up. Fucked me up inside so bad I had to watch the season finale twice cause my mind was so dazed from that shit. Jillian's an evil bitch. Margaret needs to die, getting tired of the gold diggin' whore who all of a sudden feels guilty for her actions. I'd like to see them hoes replaced with some other broads. Terence made it clear for us to foreshadow that finale on season 2 though. It was inevitable the way they portrayed it. He's been trying to find time to make things right at home with Angela, but Jillian has to be #1 in Jimmy's heart. So she's always intervening the convo's between Jim and Ange. Then, they make it pretty exciting by having us think Manny gets to kill, but ends up smoking the two lesbians. Then, is all heroin'd out and tries to choke off Jillian (I was hoping she'd die Har Har) which he then ends up killing Comador. Richard cleans the mess and then they depict a father son moment with the pony ride and how he'd clear his mind at this special place. To then see his dog tags on his son as he storms out with no good-byes. NO BRAINER. Still fucked up Terence. Should have atleast waited until Tommy grew a little older. Richard is bound to do some heavy damage in season 3. According to


So much ppl anger with the writers of show, which makes no sense. Its almost as if people dont realise that this is a movie about gangsters and unlawful politicians. Nucky would be the dumbest gangster in the world to make the only man powerful and intelligent enough to kill him at will; Jimmy, live in the same town that he controlls. Nucky is not an idiot of course he knows Eli wanted him dead. Just as much as Nucky knows that he knows that Eli cannot hurt him as Jimmy can and Eli needs Nucky more than vice versa. It really doesnt make much sense how so much people think in a gangster world 'faith' thing holds importance. Jimmy had to go, Nucky could not have risked Jimmy gettimg more powerful and come after him again.


I think Mrs.schroder will be in trouble when Nucky goes to build his road. I understand why jimmy was killed, He was going crazy, how do you watch a show about a man in the looney bin? He lost a lot and his character was losing credibility with anything business wise. He was screwing things up, they made a wise choice before jimmy made a huge mistake for the whole town. I enjoyed watching jimmy just as much as anyone else, but he played his part well and lasted longer than I thought he would. It is time for the bigger dogs to play and having jimmy around to complicate business is a liability. Great series can't wait to see who gets whacked in season 3.


I really enjoy the show, and I was not shocked when Nucky shot jimmy, I was kinda grossed out with him sleeping with his mother anyway and watching them both at the same time together kinda creeped me out. Great show I will not stop watching. I am excited to see Nucky go ballistic on mrs. Schroeder. Accent included. Lol.... Jimmy was interesting to watch but man he was going koo-koo and all over the place. I have a feeling more great characters will be introduced into season 3 perhaps. Man Nucky is going to go nuts when mrs. Schroeder tells him she gave the land to the church (shame on them anyways for manipulating her). I am so ready for this show. I will not predict any happenings but it would be awesome to see mrs.schroeder turn kingpin and start bootlegging the spirits herself. Hurry up.........


Lol people aren't mad cause he died, if jimmy lived he'd be a disgrace he absoultely has to die but making a iconic and exremetly entertaining character like that calls for him being a part of more of the 1920's I would have to say that he should have been alive for season 3 and killed off after they were able to tidy things up with all the problems going on. I can't wait to see Al and Lucky & Meyer but i'd rather being saying that for season 4, I still think they fucked up very badly!


I find it interesting that you all chastise the writers for killing Jimmy in the same line that you say "I LOVED THIS SHOW" - You openly admit it is a great series then immediately put no faith in the writers for the next season, and for what? because you are upset about the loss of a fictional character? I for one am genuinely excited for the third season! There are still so many major players remaining in the story, go read some history on the 1920's - and i'm sure you will all be excited too.


I am just so heavily disappointed. I have watched a lot of movies and shows in my day. I have never been so excited about a show and then been so upset as to quit watching the show. I will boycott every episode from here on out and am very disappointed. What reason is there to watch now.

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