Boardwalk Empire Boss Explains Season Finale Death, Teases Season 3 Time Jump

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's Boardwalk Empire season finale. Seriously. You've been warned...

On "To the Lost," this HBO drama delivered a true-game changer, as Nucky killed Jimmy Darmody, fulfilling the latter's first season prophecy that "you can't be half a gangster." Why did showrunner Terence Winter and his team go in this direction?

Winter tells EW it was a matter of taking developments to their "logical extreme."

Jimmy and Son

"Anything short of Nucky doing it himself wouldn’t feel real, it wouldn’t be real. And it would be a cheat for us to say, 'We want to keep our beloved character Jimmy Darmody alive,'" Winter said. "I wanted people to say [when it seemed like Nucky and Jimmy would reconcile], “Oh great, after all that, it’s all going to be forgotten and Jimmy is going to be back in Nucky’s good graces.” I wanted them to think right up to the very end that Nucky is going to forgive him and take him back. It was a really hard decision."

Looking ahead, viewers can expect to see a time jump that will elevate the status of Al Capone in Chicago. Regarding season three, Winter previewed:

"We’re thinking about 16 months and starting the [third] season around the beginning of 1923, then maybe run through the end of 1923. It was an exciting year. All the people who stockpiled liquor started to run out, so competition between bootleggers became really fierce."

Read Winter's full interview with EW now and sound off: What did you think of the finale?

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Relax predictions for season 3:
1)Jimmy WILL be his son!
2)Jimmy's mother will be murdered by Owen Slater at Nucky's request. Heck,
even Jimmy might do it. either way, she gets it.
3)Nucky gets the land back and throws Margaret out on her boring ass.
4)95% of the posters here who say they wont be watching season 3 will watch. heard it here!


I was gutted that Jimmy was killed off, well more shocked really. I thought that Jimmy's friend would follow him and shoot Eley who was stood behind Jimmy after Nucky had turned on Jimmy's wife's killer (forgot his name sorry mental blank).
Then Jimmy could partner Nucky with the upper hand, but hey ho not to be. I appreciate the "youv'e killed Jimmy" outrage but the writers must know where it is going and I'm sure Nucky will get what's coming to him in the end.
Can't wait for it to return on Sky Atlantic, that with Blue Bloods,Game of Thrones, Hawiai 5 o and Spartacus has made very good viewing!


Jimmy's character was easily 50% of the appeal of the show. However, in saying that, I think Micheal Pitt is a highly "underrated" actor and so perhaps this will give him the opportunity to get more deserving roles in major Hollywood films.


Except for a couple of characters this show is real. Can everyone stop saying that it's not. Luciano was real, Capone torrio masseria arnold rothstein even nucky except his real name was Johnson not Thompson. So I agree with one of the comments know your history this stuff really happened, and these are the character that we want to know about not jimmy or margaret. I can't wait until they introduce Elliot ness he was a big part of al Capone downfall


I started watching this show because of the SAG awards and was curious about all the attention is was getting. Now that I have caught up and just finished watching the Season finale I;m not sure I want to continue watching it. I loved Jimmy's character and he was a major part of the show and it's struggle for one persons acceptance in a family. I am so sorry I even watched it now!!


Jimmy's mother should have been killed off!!! Not Jimmy!!! Great idea Nucky finds out he killed his son Jimmy only way you can keep the memory of Jimmy WHAT WERE YOU THINKING KILLING HIM!!!!


Jimmy was alright as a character but nothing amazing, killing him off will hardly ruin the show. Richard Harrow and Chalky White are far better characters with more depth despite only getting a fraction of the air time. I know she won't, but Margaret really needs to go she got very dull as season 2 went on.


I'm still in disbelief. I was hoping that I would have read something somewhere that would hint to Jimmy may not really be dead. Honestly, the entire series flatlines without him..especially in the first two seasons!! Honestly, that's more stupid than exciting. If there aren't any clues in the first 2 episodes that elude to Jimmy's not really dead...I'm done. Boardwalk Empire's viewership dropped dramatically because of the long haitus from Season 1 to Season you write off Jimmy? Ya know what happens to a show that writes out everyone's favorite character right? It gets CANCELLED!!!


Are all you people stupid? Jimmy was the best im not watching blah blah, this show was never about Jimmy. This show is about the 1920s and 30s era of prohibition and the major players. Read up on some history, Lucky Luciano basically created the mafia in America and i hope everyone knows about Capone. Even Lansky and his young worker Bugsy I am far more excited to see all this develop because it REALLY happened. The show is staying historically acurate which makes it fascinating and why characters like Jimmy can be killed off. Sopranos-Pussy, Ralphie, Chris, Adriana The Wire-Sringer, Omar, Bodie. Perfect shows like this understand the need for change and development, this show is NOT going to lose viewers. It will go from strength to strength and inevitably be regarded as good as if not better than the wire and sopranos.
Really people get a clue!!


I'm glad Margaret did what she did...especially while Nucky was out celebrating the land. Nucky...and Steve an ugly character, when he professed his 'love' for his wife and family I never heard anything more phony. Good on Margaret, she'll have the last laugh. And Jimmy should not have been killed, he was the only believable character in the whole story.

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