Grey's Anatomy Valentine's Day Scoop: Hot MerDer Action!

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Grey's Anatomy will give fans plenty to talk about this Valentine's Day.

First, there's Sofia, who threatens to derail Callie’s big February 14 surprise for Arizona (the episode actually airs February 9), but it’s not the youngster's fault ... it’s Mark’s fault. Raise your hand if you're surprised!

It's his fault indirectly, at least. Callie asks him to look after their daughter, but he’s got plans of his own, so he tries to pawn his babysitting duties off on the other doctors. That's a scenario that can't end well, right?

In the Bed

Maybe it can. According to TV Line, the episode ends with Callie escorting a blindfolded Arizona to ... you fill in the blank! Sounds like a fun plot line in any case, especially if it doesn't leave the family in tatters.

Meanwhile, fans of Meredith and Derek will be happy to know that the show's signature couple is very much a part of the Valentine's Day episode in question - they are definitely in the mood. Let's just leave it at that.

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I love MERDER!!! I really hope they have a kid together and Zola gets a sister or brother!!!


I Agree With GG It's Time Derr & Mer Finally get Pregnant & Have Their McBaby It's Long Over Due !!!!! In Fact it would be a perfect Valentines Gift To Them Both !!


We definitely need to see a miracle McBaby come this season. If that was added to the storyline, it would most definitely bring back some of the chemistry of seasons 1 and 2. I hope it happens.


There definitely needs to be a McBaby! If Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo are planning on not coming back after this season they really need to have a baby and leave with a bang!


So this is the line up for the new year so far. 8.10 "Suddenly" airs Jan 05 2012
8.11 "This Magic Moment" airs Jan 12 2012
8.12 "Hope for the Hopeless" airs Jan 19 2012
8.13 "If/Then" ?? should air either Jan 26 or Feb 02 2012
which leaves us with
8.14 ???? (Valentine's Day ep) airing Feb 09 2012 Correct me if I'm wrong by all means. Cheers Merry Christmas to all Grey's Fans.


Oops meant to say '
I am still hoping for a surprise Meredith pregnancy. She'll have a daughter by this episode, so maybe things will work out for a sibling for Zola very soon...... I can but hope, cos I'd love to see a Mer pregnancy SL. LOL


I am still hoping for a surprise Meredith pregnancy. She'll have a daughter by this episode, so maybe things will work out for a sibling for Zola very soon...... I can but hope, cops I'd love to see a Mer pregnancy SL. LOL


Yes to PARENTING: Big air punch for more MerDer time I really miss their chemistry this season, I hated Derek so far this season. I love that he stayed because of what was written in the post-it. I too am looking forward to the surprise of a little Shepherd being introduced next season. January 5th for a new episode, and another on the 12th and 19th, so are we going to have new ones on the 26th January, 2nd February and this one on the 9th of February. So when will we see the parallel episode with Addison and Ellis?????, will it before or after the Valentine's Day episode??? Questions and more questions. Grey's Anatomy Season usually finish in May, will it be on the 17th or the 24th of May 2012???, so we can count backwards for all the new episodes. Then it starts all over again the countdown to the Premiere of Season 9 in September 2012.


Woo! Finally! I've been waiting for some MerDer action


@Doe-Rae-Me I totally agree. Mark is the father not a babysitter. What a great MerDer spoiler can't wait for this episode. :)