Grimm Midseason Report Card: C+

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TV Fanatic is back with another Midseason Report Card.

Following solid grades handed out by critics for Modern Family and Homeland, Nick McHatton is here to break down NBC's Grimm. Read on to see if you agree with his assessment...

Grimm Duo

Best Character: This is an easy decision: Eddie. He’s gone from antagonist to cellist, from a beast to a three dimensional, humanized character (something I can’t say for other actual humans on Grimm). His humanity is constantly surprising me, and the emotional depths he continually needs to dig towards to get there is wonderful. On top of that, the guy has a great sense of humor. It’s too bad the lady blutbaden drive him wolfing mad, he’s quite the catch.

Worst Character: In a supporting cast full of underused, underdeveloped, or unneeded one person (barely) stands out from the rest: Juliette. We all want to believe she’s more than what she seems, something Grimm-y and nefarious. Sadly, I don’t know if we’ll ever get that. The only thing she seems capable of doing right now is spooning Nick to the extreme and taking screen time away from far better characters. There’s nothing wrong with Nick having a home life, but at the very least make it somewhat desirable for the viewer instead of the mundane and annoying.

Best Episode: “The Three Bad Wolves” put a light on Eddie, elevating his character above the rest with a large amount of nuance and just how different he is compared to the rest of his kind, as well the Grimm world itself. “Wolves” also shifted the focus and scope of the story slightly, putting an emphasis on the characters and their humanity, and what the entails, even if you’re not all human. It finished up by setting Nick on a path that will put his two jobs at odds: Grimm vs Cop.

Worst Episode: “Lonelyhearts” sure looked like it was heading towards something with the reapers, and all that was left was Renard deciding to stick to whatever vague status quo he’s been using: absolutely nothing. There were no hints, allusions, or audience only clues, just a waste of time. It ended by starting this trend of letting the bad Grimms escape instead of being caught.

The Biggest Head Scratcher: Why does Hank need to be a mirror of whoever he’s hanging out with? Can he not be his own person? When he’s with Nick he’s a carbon copy of him, and when he’s with Wu he’s just another copy. Find a personality please.

Hopes for 2012: Some of the characters already have a great foundation, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest get some of that treatment: mainly Nick and Renard. Learning a little bit more about Nick’s past and his family heritage, and what Renard’s goals are would really help set up what the stakes are and finally let us begin rooting for someone, and something to happen.

Overall Grade: C+

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in with your grade now!


I absolutely love this show. I can't wait for friday's to come. I would give it an A-. I love the dynamic between Monroe and Nick. David Giuntoli does a great job as Nick. He knows just when to show humor and compassion. He has a truly brilliant character to play.
The last three episodes were the best. I really enjoy finding out where the creatures take us each week and what Nick has to do to stop them. It is a devilish twist to the fairy tales we all grew up with. I hope there is a second season to come and can't wait for season one to come out on DVD.


B+. Love this series and Monroe.


I think the show really hit its stride at Danse Macabre. The last three episodes were awesome, in my opinion. It went from enjoyable fantasy to must-watch tv for me in one episode. I totally agree that Lonelyhearts was the worst episode.


I would give Grimm a /B+ just for the acting ability of "Eddie Monroe" (Silas Weir Mitchell) alone.
Agreed, the writers need to provide more character devel for the others, but Eddie keeps me coming back.
This show has a really great premise, please keep it!! Hey Silas, if you ever need a coach for playing the cello convincingly, please let me know. Or ghoul violinists (I was the ghoul fiddler on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." I love your show! Lisa Haley
GRAMMY Nominee
L.A., CA


I disagree with your grade. I give it a solid B or B+, with room for improvement, but a show which I now look forward to after just seven episodes. It holds my interest which the not so solid Terra Nova lost by about episode 2 or so.


So far this is my favorite show on air at this point in time. I'd definitely give it at least a B+. Love the stories and Nick and Eddie have a great buddy team thing going on. I kind of agree about the girlfriend, but hopefully they'll give her something interesting to do in the future.


Hmmm...Canadian grading must be different, because as far as I know a 78% is a B+, and marks in the 60s are Cs. Anyways, I agree with the number grade and with the review, just not the letter. I don't think the show is all that bad, it's just developing a bit too slowly. I think they underestimate the audience a bit. I'm hoping it picks up the pace a bit in the second half of the season.


This show is rapidly losing steam, and I think cancellation is imminent.


Stopped watching Grimm half-way through Lonely Hearts episode as I died of boredom on the sofa and I'm still there. Someone wake me up if it gets better kthksbaix


Nnest, My grading reflects how I've reviewed the show up to this point. Grimm has 78% of the possible points, that's a C+.

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