HBO Announces Trio of Cancelations, One Renewal

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HBO has announced a few shake-ups to its schedule.

First, the network renewed Lauda Dern's under-performing comedy, Enlightened, for a second season. The series scarcely earned 30,000 viewers per week, but it earned solid reviews this fall along with Golden Globe nominations for Best Comedy Series and Lead Actress in a Comedy for Dern.

Enlightened Poster

On the flip side, HBO has canceled the following shows:

  • How to Make It in America
  • Bored to Death
  • Hung

Which will you miss most?

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Uss biddle dlg 34

Hung put that his pimp on the screen... too much....not interested in her story.....and was bored most of the episodes this season...... As for Enlightened....watching that annoying chick one tough watch.... but you watch for the train wreck....i'm one and done with that....won't be back next season. Bored to Death was watchable last season when Bateman was central theme as a fumbling/bumbling private eye....but it lost its charm this season !


Really dissappointed that HBO has cancelled How To Make It In America. I really enjoyed the show and felt it needed to be given a fair go. I mean 6 20min episodes per season and 18 months delay between seasons, how do you expect to establish a show and fanbase. I wonder why HBO bothered in the first place.


If they canceled Hung due to low ratings, then I blame HBO. They moved the premiere dates from it’s original airing from June to October. It got well over 2 million more viewers when it ran from June to September. If they had left it, instead of moving it to October to December, where it goes just over 1 million viewers or under, it would have done much better, as it wasn’t competing with all of the Fall shows that air in September/October. Leaving it during the Summer run was the best thing for it. They destroyed the show by moving it.


What's going on @ HBO? I wish they kept how to make it in America. That was a good show. Byatches!


I've been waiting for Hung to be canceled for awhile now. I really enjoyed the first season, and a bit of the second but just went on and on, nothing happened! Might go back and watch the final season though, just to say I did it.


How dare they cancel Bored to Death!! that show is fantastic.